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June 20, 2009

Universal Healthcare

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Before I start I want to put it out there that I agree that our healthcare system needs fixing.  There are many issues that can be fixed to make sure we have the safest, healthiest, and happiest country in the world.  The purpose of this article is to educate readers, in some small way, to the problems that can be seen with the system that seems to be coming our way.  There are examples of the failure of this system all around the world, and even some here in the U.S.

Hawaii’s Keiki Care Plan, free for children, was dropped because of abuse by citizens.  Families who had adequate and affordable insurance were dropping their providers in order to get their children on the state funded free plan.  The state government could not afford the added burden and the plan failed.

California’s plan failed to get off the ground because of vague but high costs in an already strained budget.

Possibly the most stark example of failure in the universal healthcare model is with Britain’s NHS.  According to the Guardian NHS has a target wait time of 18 weeks for non-emergency care, but after Department of Health today released their study it showed that only 48% of patients meet this time goal.  12.4% are seeing waits of more than a year.  Detailed numbers by region vary from the worst, Swindon primary care trust, where just over a fifth of patients meet the goal, to the best, the east Midlands where only 60% met the target time.  In more detail, trauma patients show only a quarter are meeting the 18 week goal, and neurosurgery patients are showing 39% are on target.  As of June 2007 the study showed that 208,127 patients were still waiting since starting the referral process in March of that year.  In a strange juxtaposition LIBERAL DEMOCRAT health spokesman, Norman Lamb, said in 2007: “Behind the statistics, thousands of sick people are still waiting more than a year for hospital treatment.  Why does the government not publish how long people are waiting over a year?  How long do these long waits really last?”  You may argue that this report is old but remember that the UK has had their system in place for over 60 years, and they haven’t gotten it right yet.  If it takes us over 60 years for the U.S. to get it right many of you reading this, and myself writing it may not be here anymore.

Another glaring example of what may be coming is rationing, according to BBC news obese people are being denied care.  “Under new guidelines surgery will not be performed unless ‘the patient has a body mass below 30 and conservative means have failed to alleviate the patient’s pain and disability.  Pain and disability should be sufficiently significant to interfere with daily life and or ability to sleep.'”  Tired of hearing about HMO’s only approving pain management instead of a surgical cure to save money?  Just wait.

I could go on and on but I found a site that says more, with more sources than you can shake your mouse at.  Do you homework, universal healthcare does not work everywhere else like supporters want you to believe.  Rising costs, rising taxes, lower quality of care is what we can expect becaus ethat is what the model shows worldwide.  How far would technology be set back if scientists followed the path that our government seems to be.  If a scientist has a theory, which has been tested in many ways, and continued to fail, would he use the same method or would he try something different hoping for a successful result?  We also keep hearing that we will save money in premiums but the CBO, those responsible for determing how much a bill will cost, estimates $1 Trillion to 1.6 Trillion dollars to instate.  Don’t be fooled by up front savings, we will have to pay for it somehow.  President Obama says that it will be paid with budget and spending cuts, yet he keeps appointing new agencies and wants to create more government jobs.  How can you offer more services to more people for less money?  It does not add up.

There are other reform options out there.  Why aren’t they being offered?  Why is only one option being offered to lawmakers to put into law?  Why is the bill being taken from the CBO and given to the President’s budget office for review?  We are told we will have the right to choose.  Well, yes you can choose your doctor, hospital, and coverage package, but your provider?  Not much of a choice if we only have one.  Part of this issue is cost and care, but another is freedom of choice.  Some say the plan will be mandatory, ‘participate or get fined‘.  This may be an extreme estimate of the new bill being offered, but really, would it surprise anyone?  The national census has a similar ‘participate or get fined’ stipulation.  How many liberties are we going to give up before we look around and realize we don’t have any left?

You are going to see this time and time again from me.  I think the major problem with us, as Americans, is we let ourselves be spoonfed our information, and usually by a source that agrees with our point of view.  Don’t let me, or CNN, or Fox, or ABC, or whatever educate you.  Get some ideas from these sources, but ultimately educate yourself.  Find the source material.  Read several sides of the same topic.  Get all the facts, don’t just sit back and expect the information to come to you, because usually when it does it is already skewed.


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  1. I have an HSA and love it. We have to maintain a high deductible policy ($5000 for a family), but it is far easier to deal with than so-called “health insurance”. Humana, the insurance provider, allows for a free physical each year (~$300 value). For young people who are mostly healthy, an HSA is the best solution. There are no requirements concerning “networks” and such – you just go to a doctor you like and pay with a credit card linked to the HSA account. The contributions are taken out of wages prior to taxation, too.

    I hear many on the right side of the aisle proclaiming the value and sense of such a plan. The problem is that they are outnumbered at the moment, and those in opposition are, in my opinion, seeking to further their hold on the citizenry. I’m absolutely befuddled why people trust these clowns.

    Thanks for the link – great stuff.

    Comment by Ike D — June 20, 2009 @ 5:05 pm | Reply

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