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June 23, 2009

Racism, The Door Swings Both Ways

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I am stunned almost every day by the capacity for hate that people still have in this country.  I am not talking about the places you expect either.  Everyone knows there are supremacist groups out there spouting their ignorant message, what I am talking about is people in the media and government, getting away with hate speech, but since it is directed at a majority of the population it seems to be alright.  For example I was reading a review of Glenn Beck‘s comedy tour recently and came across this line…

“He’s at it again. The loudmouth fatty spewing his hate speech to a bunch of know nothing inbred hicks who obviously wouldn’t know real entertainment if it came up and knock the one remaining tooth out of their stupid heads.”

Now, we can only assume that Kevin from Carlsbad, CA who said this is some sort of commentator, whether from newspaper or an entertainment publication we don’t know.  Fact remains, Kevin thinks it is alright to call the audience of Mr. Beck’s show ‘inbred hicks’ and comment on Glenn’s ‘hate speech’ in the same sentence.  Let me just say, I watch Glenn’s show quite a bit and have never heard him utter a word of hate speech.  I challenge anyone that believes this lie to watch his show, you will find a very energized man who is not afraid to question anyone in government about what they are doing.  A lot of his detractors would have you believe he is some sort of anti-liberal, hate mongering, fear mongering, ideologue, but it just is not true.  Mr. Beck goes after the Right just as much as the Left.  He was just as loud against problems in the Bush administration as he is against problems in the Obama admin.  He is also just as loud in his praise when something goes right.  Many liberals are pulling the race card that Glenn predicted they would if President Obama won the election.  Basically, if you don’t agree with the president, it must be because he is black and you are a racist.  To them it doesn’t seem possible that we could disagree with him simply because we disagree.  I see a lot of accusation that conservatives, republicans, or generally anyone that is not liberal minded is a backwards racist, but I certainly see much more reference to race from the liberal side of things.

Another example that stunned me was Judge Sotomayor’s statement about the difference between Latino judgment and that of a white male…

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman, with the richness of her experiences, would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” -Sonia Sotomayor, Oct. 26, 2001

If this statement had been made, sligthly changed of course, by a white male he would have been dragged through the streets as a racist.  Imagine if you will, a white candidate, even a female, saying ‘a wise white woman, with the richness of her education, would more often that not reach a better conclusion that a black male who hasn’t lived that life’.  Why is it acceptable for Judge Sotomayor, but we all know what would happen if our hypothetical happened.

An example of the liberal media throwing race around as if conservatives are the problem is a blogger by the name of Jack Tomas.  He wrote a blog about Janet Contreras’ letter to Glenn Beck, a letter that has received a lot of support and attention all over the country.  Five times in his five paragraph article he refers, incorrectly, to her Hispanic heritage making the argument that Mr. Beck only used her letter because of her ethnic background.  He failed to do his homework since Mrs. Contreras is not Hispanic, her husband is.  Since it was obvious when she was on the show that she is not Hispanic we must assume that Jack Tomas did not watch the program, but is reporting this second hand to begin with.  It is interesting that when I myself watched the show, and heard her name mentioned I did not even make the connection to her ethnic heritage.  It was the content of the letter that caught my attention.  Thankfully Mr. Tomas’ article has backfired since many comments by his supporters have been outweighed by supporters of the letter that have chimed in.  The example goes further in those posts though.  One wrote…

“Let me guess. Stupid hispanics from the flyover states.” -Cindy Casares

She wrote this comment in reference to ‘life-long democrats voting for McCain in the general election’.  So miss Casares not only insulted Hispanics that voted for McCain (notice that the original post did not mention the ethnicity of said ‘life-long democrats’) she also used a derogatory term for where many of us live.  We so love to be called flyover states, you know those of us who put food in your stores, and supply such a variety of products that people that live in the congested costal regions just can’t seem to live without.  I guess it is ok though since her name is Casares.  If she has perhaps been Cindy Smith and said the same thing she would have received a dozen comments calling her a racist.

As the title says though, it swings both ways.  I could go on and on about Republicans doing the same thing, government officials making rude jokes in reference to Michelle Obama on their facebook pages.  Jokes about President Obama and aspirin.  They are out there and many have reported on them.  I will leave that to the rest of media, because they are so quick to hang people on the other side of the fence, rightly so, but they need to look around at their peers as well.

I guess the point I am trying to make is where do we, as American’s, draw the line?  Democrat’s are calling Republicans racists, and some are, but they fail to notice the same in their own party.  You can’t speak out against President Obama on an issue without being called a racist.  What if Republicans had answered criticism of George Bush by a minority by calling them racist against a white man?  I know, it would have backfired because for some people the door doesn’t swing both ways.



  1. In Atlanta, we deal with John Lewis, who, in 2006, provided this beauty:

    “This is Congressman John Lewis.”
    “And I’m Mayor Shirley Franklin”

    “And I’m Andy Young”

    (John Lewis) “On November 7th we face the most dangerous situation we ever have. If you think fighting off dogs and water hoses in the sixties was bad, imagine if we sit idly by and let the right-wing Republicans take control of the Fulton County Commission.”

    (Shirley Franklin) “The efforts of Martin and Coretta King, Hosea Williams, Maynard Jackson and many others will be lost. That’s why we must stand up and we must turn out the vote for the Democrats on Election Day.”

    (Andy Young) “And especially for John Eaves for Fulton County Commission Chairman. Unless you want them to turn back the clock on equal rights and human rights and economic opportunity for all of us, vote for John Eaves as Fulton County Chairman”

    (Lewis) “Your very life may depend on it.”

    (John Eaves) “This message paid for by the committee to elect John Eaves.”

    In summary, “If you don’t vote for democrats, then the republicans are going to set out the dogs for you and drown you in the streets with firehoses.”

    Comment by Ike D — June 23, 2009 @ 7:52 pm | Reply

  2. Exactly the type of generalizing and stereotyping that you can only get away with if you are a registered Democrat or a minority. This kind of thing happens on both sides of the fence unfortunately, but the only time anyone gets reamed for it is when they are Republican, conservative, or white.

    Comment by disgruntledpatriot — June 23, 2009 @ 11:21 pm | Reply

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