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July 25, 2009

Three Little Stories that Boggle the Mind

Hole in the Ozone Layer Fixed…Oops

Seems that scientists are now finding that the chemicals used to fix the Ozone layer back in the early 90’s are contributing to imaginary global warming.  They postulate that the chemicals act like a sponge absorbing heat from the sun.  I tried to find a link to the scientific report, but this is the best I can do.  They want to put new chemicals up there to replace the other synthetic ones.  You know, maybe if they did nothing for a change, that might be a good idea.  Wanna see some examples of people freaking out, and thankfully doing nothing?

Back in the 70s fear of a coming ice age was rampant.  One solution that was tossed around…spread coal soot on the polar ice cap to melt it, causing temperatures to rise!

In Germany there is a school of thought that dumping tons of iron into the ocean could help…COULD help the plankton population increase, therefore stemming off imaginary global warming.  That idea was tossed around by our government a couple years ago, but I guess they decided that dumping a poisonous mineral into a water source might be a bad idea.

Ideas that are on the table…

Obama’s science czar is talking about releasing pollutants into the upper atmosphere to help reflect the sun’s rays, or…wait for it…NUKING THE SUPER VOLCANO IN YELLOWSTONE TO FIGHT GLOBAL WARMING!!!!  Yeah that will stop global warming, because there won’t be any humans left on this continent to pollute!

When is someone in government going to step up and speak out against this fraudulent science?  Oh wait, they know, that is why they are calling it climate change, and not global warming.  They know it people, the government knows that Al Gore is a nut, and global warming is fake.  They know it is just alarmist science, knee jerk reaction to faulty data.  Now they don’t want to look stupid by backing down so they call it climate change, “Hey look, the weather was different than it was last year, that’s climate change, see we were right!”  We need to demand that they stop trying to fix this imaginary problem before they kill us all with the solution!

GIVE act, TAKE freedom…

Trust me it will make sense in a minute.  HR 1388, or the “GIVE act” has passed, and is law.  Does anyone know what that is?  Well it increases funding for Americorp.  There is something else in there, that no one in the major media talked about, and might just have an affect on every American in the future.  It provides a commission to…

“the effect on the nation … if all individuals in the United States … were required to perform a certain amount of national service” and “whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed.”

and in relation to the possibility of getting rid of the 13th amendment…

“would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.”

Really?!  Get rid of the 13th amendment, and force people to volunteer?!  Who in their right mind would allow this to happen?  We need to pay attention folks, because we may wake up one morning with government sponsored slavery, and a socialist, dare I say communist state.  When the government starts using the words mandatory, we need to speak up because it usually goes hand in hand with losing freedoms.  Still can’t get over this one, how do they think forced community service is going to help anyone, all you will have is a bunch of bitter people who hate Americorp.  You cannot promote community service and charity by force.

Be Careful Where You Speak Out Against Obama

In Charlotte North Carolina a little kiosk was selling various political bumper stickers, posters, etc.  The company that held this kiosk is called Free Market Warrior, and looking at their site I did not see anything that was racist, or confederate.  That was the complaint, that their merchandise was racists and supported the dead confederate cause.  They are selling much the same things that Liberal Novelty shops were selling all during Bush’s presidency, in malls owned by the same people.  Simon owns that mall, along with just about every mall in America, and they were also huge supporters of Obama’s campaign.  Interesting how that happens huh?  I for one am going to let Mr. Simon know my feelings, and I think I will look for other places to spend my money.  He uses bullying tactics to support his political views and I think that is wrong.  Sure it was his right to kick out a renter, but the double standard is disgusting.


July 24, 2009

Border Security: Is Government Turning a Blind Eye to Acts of War?

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Before I really get into this I want to share a little anecdote about a conversation I had yesterday.  You see I had commented on border security on another blog, and shared some of the stories I will talk about below.  One reader on that blog disagreed with me, but at first he wasn’t disagreeing with my point on border security, he though I was being anti-immigration.  He also absolutely refused to believe the stories I paraphrased.  I tried to put links there to news articles that were relevant, but for some reason it would not post on that blog, too many links, I don’t know.  So I gave him the google phrases I used to find them, but he said no, he wouldn’t look them up, if I wanted to convince him I would have to do it myself.  As I said before I couldn’t so I posted that he could visit me here, today, and in this post I would provide all the articles he needed to see that we have a major problem with border security.  Something far more serious than illegal immigrants coming over the border.  Well, he said no, he wouldn’t visit my blog and said I should watch something other than Fox News.  As most of you know, I have said many times that I believe everyone should get their news from as many sources as possible so you can weed out the crap and figure out for yourself what the true story is, below I am going to talk about true stories with eye witnesses.  He took a look at this blog, said he read it all, in just a couple minutes, I know because I got an email every minute or so when he posted and it was maybe two minutes between the time he refused to visit and his post claiming my blog was extremely conservative.  Now, I know I have a lot of views that are considered conservative, but I also have a lot of them that are considered liberal, and sadly this guy had already figured out a label, and since it wasn’t all liberal, it was too conservative, and he was ready to blow me off, regardless of the facts I was willing to offer.  It is a sad case in this country that people only get their news from sources that cater to ideas they already share, and if a source even questions their views, by showing an argument from the other side, they dismiss the source.  It happens on both sides, conservatives unwilling to get their news from any source that might take a liberal view on something, and liberals dismissing a news source because they are a bit conservative.  Well, finally the guy did post that he looked up one of the topics and saw that it was true, but he still refused to visit here.  Well, my friend, if you do happen to read this on the off chance that you got curious, welcome.  Kick back, and read, and decide for yourself.  Check my facts, make your own opinion, and please, don’t discount any source just because they don’t share your ideological views, it’s the only way we get all the facts.

Incursions by Mexican Cartels

Every year U.S. citizens are taken from their own homes by members of Mexican drug cartels, transported back to Mexico, and held for ransom.  Now some have argued that these people are tied to the cartels.  Yes, some are, but not all, and does it make it right?  If Mexican criminals are capable of coming to this country, taking people from their homes and going back, isn’t that a problem no matter who the person kidnapped is?  Haven’t heard out this in the news?  It is talked about all over the south west, but why isn’t the government talking about it?  Why don’t we hear about how the national guard is being dispatched to the border to keep these criminals out?  If Al-Qaeda were coming here, kidnapping people, and taking them back demanding ransom people would be out of their minds, foaming at the mouth to get them.  I don’t know why our southern border isn’t as much of a concern, that is something we need to ask our representatives, and we need to start demanding answers.

Would you believe that Phoenix Arizona is now #2 in the world for kidnappings?  Well, I had no idea until I read this.  Now, some of these kidnappings are targeting Mexican Nationals, or former Cartel members, but not all of them.  The point still remains, what does it say about our security if this is even possible, and where is our government on this issue.

Here is a non-political source for my readers.  America’s Most Wanted is shining the light on the increase of cross-border kidnappings.

This case is of a 3 year old boy taken from his home, because someone else in his family owed money to the cartel.  Sure, like many say, it is retaliation on someone connected to the cartel, but does that make it right?  The family were all U.S. citizens, and the boy certainly had nothing to do with the cartels.  Thankfully he was found and returned to his family.

There are so many more, and as you will see, a vast majority of them are retaliation on people who are connected to the cartels in some way, but not all of them.  It’s hard to pin a number down, but it is estimated that between 3,000 and 6,000 American citizens are still missing and believed to either be dead or captive of Mexican criminals.  Let’s take a lower number, if, let’s say, Iran was holding 3,000 American non-combatants do you think our government would be sitting on their hands, ignoring the problem?  Just to be clear, government neglect on this issue is not restricted to one administration, or one party, this has been going on for years, and no one is doing anything.

Mexican Military Invades U.S.

Wow, that sounds absolutely crazy doesn’t it.  Fact is there have been many reports from border security, state troopers, and other U.S. officials that Mexican Military have crossed the border, and in some cases fired shots at those U.S. officials.  We even have a report that Mexican Military have assisted smugglers in escaping U.S. authority.  I know it all sounds crazy, but let’s take a look.

Here is the story about U.S. authorities trying to stop smugglers, who were assisted in escaping by men who were dressed as Mexican Military.  Granted, these men could have just been more smugglers, with no connection to the Mexican Military, but as one person so eloquently put it last night, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…  Fact is, armed Mexicans, dressed as Mexican Military personnel, and armed with Mexican Military issue gear, weapons, and vehicles assisted in the escape of drug smugglers back into Mexico.  This shows a distinct lack of security.

Another story about Mexicans, dressed as military, armed as military, with military vehicles being spotted on our side of the border.  This one has video as well.  Don’t you think that if our soldiers were found wandering around in say, Russia, armed etc, that Russia would be a little upset?  You bet they would, why isn’t our government?

Tunnels, Al-Qaeda’s Ticket In

Did all of you read about the tunnels that are being found?  Did you also read the message from an Al-Qaeda leader, who said they would use tunnels to enter the U.S. and how little anthrax it would take to kill thousands of Americans?  Anyone else think these are connected?  I sure hope so.

The list goes on and on, I could fill this page with links, but I think my point is made.  Our security at our southern border stinks, and it is a danger to us.  Anyone that has been to a large rock concert knows that the security there is better than it is on our border.  My biggest question, how is it possible that we can send a man to the moon.  We can invent the computer and the atomic bomb.  We can create the assembly line, and implement electricity (one of the most dangerous things on earth) safely into daily life, but we can’t build a 2000 mile wall that was promised to us years ago?  Maybe some of that stimulus money that is going to redo government websites ($18M) or build turtle crossings on a highway ($3.4M) could be used to build a wall instead.

What we also need to be asking is why security isn’t being tightened.  Some people want to make this an immigration issue, and sometimes our border security is connected to illegal immigration, but in this case it has to do with the safety and security of American citizens.  We all know that government, regardless of party, only concentrates on issues that benefit them.  They only want to talk about issues that will get them reelected, and they steer clear of those issues that might lose them friends.  In this case what is in it for them to ignore this?  These issues are not just related to the south west anymore either.  Reports are coming in from Atlanta, Alabama, Pittsburgh, and places around the Midwest.  This issue should be the concern of every American, and it is time we asked our representatives to do something about it.

July 23, 2009

Czars and You: Why You Should Be Worried About Obama’s Political Advisors

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‘Czar’ is a term that has been applied to a slew of political advisers that President Obama has put in place to oversee, or advise on a wide variety of issues.  For the most part, we the people, have no say in their selection or appointment, and neither does Congress.  Many of them are friends, former colleagues, or supporters of the President, and a vast majority of them are inexperienced in the areas to which they have been appointed.  As if that isn’t enough to be concerned about, many of them have ideological views that are so alien, so foreign, that you may not even believe me when I point a few of them out.  Granted, these people cannot directly affect policy, but they have the ability to sway, to argue, and to ‘nudge’ (more on that later) the people who do.

Let’s start with the science czar, Mr. Holdren.  This man believes in forced abortion, and sterilization for population control.  He also believes in global control over economics, and direct control over American lives through an international police force.  Here are a few of his gems.  I will leave it to the author of the linked post, because he does a much better job than I have time to do.  Granted Mr. Holdren denied believing any of the things he wrote back in 1973, when he was selected for his current post.  Of course he did, wouldn’t you?  He may be completely honest, and he may truly not agree with his views from 30 years ago, but all I am saying is pay attention.  We have four years at least, to figure out what this guy really thinks.

Next we gotta look at the new regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein.  He believes that animals should have the right to sue, in legal court, anyone that might be in violation of their rights.  He advocates giving animals, livestock, and wildlife the same rights as humans, and he thinks we should ban hunting, disregarding that fact that through our short stay on this continent we have almost guaranteed that without some form of hunting the prey wildlife population would get out of hand, and foment disease, and a wide variety of other over population issues.  He also sides with people that believe that even having a pet is wrong.  Now, this is a view of a lot of animal rights people, and to a certain extent some of these views are valid.  Don’t get me wrong here, animals should not be caused unnecessary harm, but, animals are part of the food chain, and we are animals.  Cass Sunstein believes that we should be moving away from eating meat as well, and not only is that against nature, but I love meat.  We should be using the most humane method to raise, and then put down food livestock, but we should not do away with it all together.  I told you I would explain ‘nudge’, well, it is a book that Cass Sunstein co-wrote in which he explains that the majority of people are just too stupid to make responsible decisions.  This book advocates a type of parent state in which the government ‘nudges’ you to make good decisions.  They don’t force you, because then you might catch on to the fact that you are losing your freedoms, but they just kinda ‘nudge’ in what they think is the right direction.  Watch for the little things folks, that is how they do it.  They are going to ‘nudge’ you to be green, ‘nudge’ you to be healthier, ‘nudge’ you into public service (look up anything about the new bill to get rid of private student loans), and ‘nudge’ you to unionize (yep, they are trying to get fast track, Canada’s version of forced unionization).

Finally, there seems to be a pretty decent connection between Mr. Sunstein and Peter Singer.  Singer advocates many of the same animal rights, which aren’t so alarming, but the other things he does advocate will blow your mind.  He believes that a smart dog is more valuable than a mentally deficient human.  A child is not really human until the age of 2 so therefore can be aborted up to that point.  He also believes that people should have a value placed on their lives based on their age, those who are older being worth less than younger people.

Now, all of this can be interpreted many ways, and I am not saying that these views are definitely going to filter into White House policy, all I am saying is pay attention.  An informed people are very dangerous to the government, and when they realize that we are starting to pay attention they will start using their heads.  Take the Health Care Bill for example.  It is failing now, more and more Democrats are joining the side of opposition because people in their district are starting to speak up.  They are educating themselves, and in many cases have read the bill that their own representatives have not.  They work for us, and in small increments we are starting to make them realize that.

July 22, 2009

Affirmative Action in Health Care Bill

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I know this view makes me unpopular in many places, but I think affirmative action is one of the most insulting ideas that our government has come up with.  It does nothing to really address the problem of equal opportunity, in many cases it lowers standards, and far too many times it punishes people who are not considered a minority.  I think every job should be held by the best man or woman for the job, whatever their ethnic background.  Take the firefighters of Connecticut, all of them took a test for promotion, but the city threw it out because only white firefighters passed it.  The city was afraid to support their firefighters because they were afraid of lawsuits if no minorities were promoted, so no one was promoted.  Thankfully a higher court saw the light and supported their case against the city.

Now, where is the last place that affirmative action should be?  Where do we really want to make sure the best of the best get the job?  If you said the medical industry you are right, ding ding ding!  Well, this new health care bill has provisions for giving out grants, and at the end of each section, on which groups will get grants there is this nice little paragraph:

“Preference.- In awarding grants or contracts under this section, the Secretary shall give preference to entities that have demonstrated record of the following:  1. Training the greatest percentage, or significantly improving the percentage, of health care professionals who provide primary care.  2. Training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups or disadvantaged backgrounds.”

It goes on to list some other requirements for getting grants, but number 2 there is the kicker.  Sure we need to give grants to support training doctors, where we have a shortage, like primary care, but grants should not be based on race, or the training thereof.  We all know how this will work, training hospitals and schools will make a point of either lowering standards, or simply passing through minorities that don’t fit the bill, just to get grants.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am positive that there are a lot of minorities that are fully capable of becoming doctors, many more that are already fine doctors.  My point is what happens at a small medical school, that notices all of their qualified applicants for the upcoming term are white, and they need some more grant money from the government.  They have one black applicant that did not get good grades previously, and under their normal standards would not get into the school.  What is the dean to do?  You know what he will do, he will accept that student, on the hopes that after they get their money he will either drop out or fail.  But what if he doesn’t quite fail, what if he barely gets by and it’s time for a teaching hospital to make their choices.  Well they have a whole slew of white graduates, and this one black student that just barely made it.  Well, they need their grant money so what are they going to do?  Do you think they would pass over one, more qualified, white grad to take on the black student?  You betcha, because it’s the system our government has put in place.

Now granted, the above scenario is a little extreme, but anything in this world is possible.  Who would have thought that firefighters that pass a test for promotion would get turned down because they were all white?  Affirmative action is one of the many things that is tearing this country apart.  We need to move away from it, not adopt more programs that use it.  It teaches minorities that you don’t necessarily have to be the best at what you do, as long as you are a minority.  It teaches companies that if you follow common sense, and only hire or promote employees that deserve it, you may be penalized if one of those new hires or employees isn’t a minority.  Finally it is a prime example of reverse discrimination.  It completely debunks the idea of equal opportunity, because if you are not a minority there is nothing equal about your opportunity with a company that adheres to affirmative action.  Do minorities sometimes have it hard when it comes to getting a fair shake?  Sure, there is still racism in this country.  Are there better ways to combat it?  Of course.  The government should have realized a long time ago that you cannot force someone to change their mind, and in many cases using force will only make it harder.  Time, and education changes minds.  Every generation gets smarter, and more tolerant, and in a few more I am confident that racism in this country could completely dissappear, but not if we keep highlighting what separates us, and highlight what makes us the same.  Affirmative action is one of the things that continues to sow the seeds of discontent, and gives racists a reason to shout their ignorant ideas.  We will not get rid of racism until people stop separating themselves, and until the government stops separating us.  Will it mean more years of discrimination in the work place?  Yes, we will have that for awhile, but I firmly believe if we got rid of programs that foster resentment, change will come sooner than people think.

July 20, 2009

Three Things

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I tried to think of one thing to write about today, but over the weekend I found three things that show this current administration is no more in touch than any other, and if we don’t pull in the reins now we may as well hand the keys to the kingdom over right away.

Massachusetts: Massachusetts universal health care system is out of money, and they need to pass a budget fast.  The proposed solution…drop thousands of LEGAL immigrants from the system to cut costs!  WHAT?!  Wait a minute, drop LEGAL immigrants, those people who came to this country legally, applied for citizenship, followed all the rules, and now they are going to be cut from a program that all other citizens of Mass. have?  Pay attention readers, pretty sure this is a principle of science or something, when you have an experiment on a small scale, the results are usually compounded if carried to the large scale.  Every state that has universal health care, whether for some citizens, or all citizens is facing budget problems.  Why would anyone think that doing it for the whole country might have different results?  Arguably the smartest mind of the modern age said it best…

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
– Albert Einstein

I do not believe there is a country out there, with universal health care, that has gotten it right yet.  What makes us think that our government can do it?  We are leaders, not followers, we should be coming up with something new, not implementing a plan that has already been shown to fail on so many different levels.

Hate Crimes Bill and the F22: You might say these two things have nothing to do with each other.  You would be right.  You might also say these should be handled separately, and again you would be right, but would it surprise you to know they are on the same legislation?  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, members of congress tacked a Hate Crimes Bill onto legislation that will decide whether to continue funding for the F22!  Now, I don’t care whether we have the F22 or the Joint Strike Fighter.  Granted the F22 means jobs for the U.S., but for practicality’s sake you could give our boys Cessnas and BB guns and we would still have the best air force and navy, but that’s not the point.  Supporters of the Hate Crimes Bill were afraid that it would not pass on it’s own, so they tacked it onto a bill that was a sure thing, and now both might be at risk.

We need to start demanding that the clowns that work for us stop this lump-legislation.  If a bill does not have enough support to stand on its own then it SHOULD NOT PASS.  That is how congress is supposed to work, a bill should not get passed if it cannot pass on its own, or laws are put on the books that would not otherwise be there.  I also wonder, why do we need a Hate Crimes Bill at all?  Isn’t any crime, a crime of hate?  Do you hear about criminals ‘loving people to death?’  Or, robbing their neighbor because they like them so much?  If a man is killed who just happens to be gay, or is killed BECAUSE he is gay, isn’t he still dead?  Isn’t the crime still murder?  Our Hate Crimes issue has got to be the most prejudice part of the justice system, and they want to add more groups to a list that should be all inclusive.  If you want Hate Crimes legislation, then make it all encompassing.  If an African-American kills a white guy, because he is white will it be a hate crime?  If a white baptist kills a white catholic because he is catholic is it a hate crime?  What about that abortion doctor that was murdered, he was killed out of hate for what he did, but will the person be charged with a hate crime?  In all of these cases I believe the answer is no.  Hate Crimes legislation is supposed to prevent crimes against minorities by making the punishment harsher, but all it does is continue to separate us, and label us.  If a person is murdered, with intent, it should be assumed that the motive, or one of the motives is hate.

CIT Group: Have you ever heard of them?  I hadn’t until this weekend.  They are a lender to small and medium-sized businesses, and they have over 3,000 clients in this area of their business.  They are the third larges rail-car leasing firm domestically, and aircraft financier worldwide.  They are the #1 vendor leasing company in the U.S. serving almost 500,000 consumer end customers.  What does all that mean?  Well, besides the obvious, they are how small businesses stay in business.  When your local retailer needs to gear up for Christmas, they obviously can’t buy all the needed stock up front.  They take out a loan, buy the merchandise, and pay off that loan after the holidays.  CIT group provides that service to a substantial number of small businesses.  Some experts estimate that CIT Group, through the clients they finance, is responsible for 70% of the jobs in the country.  Now, to the important part of this topic, CIT Group is trying to avoid bankruptcy, and like many banks they went to the government.  They were turned down.  Why is it that all these other banks, who finance huge companies, companies that regularly send jobs oversees, get bailouts, but a financier of small and medium-sized businesses gets turned down?  Clients of CIT Group aren’t sending jobs oversees, you can’t have a guy in India stock shelves in Tulsa!  Thankfully, the board of CIT Group has managed to scrape together a $3 Billion loan to help, but they were told the government was drawing the line on loans to anymore financial agencies.  With only about 20% of the $700 billion stimulus recently passed actually having been spent, one wonders what the other 80% is gonig to that is more important that saving small and medium-sized businesses.

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