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July 2, 2009

A New Manhattan Project: The Republican Asnwer to Cap and Trade That the Media Isn’t Even Talking About

Filed under: Sick and Tired — Trever Bierschbach @ 1:11 pm

This is an old idea that many Republicans refurbished for our new obstacles.  The idea was called the New Manhattan Project, based on the project from WWII that created the atomic bomb.  It took some time to find any references to it, but this seems to be a good explanation of what the idea is.  When I read this I could not believe the simplicity of it, and how much sense it made.  Nowhere did I see mention of taxing, or punishing companies for releasing carbon.  Nowhere did I see mention of requiring homes to become green before they can be sold.  Nowhere do I see anything that would break the backs of the American middle class.  It calls for drastic changes through innovation, using technology and utilities already in place to make new technology cleaner, safer, and more affordable.  It calls for rewarding companies and even individuals that come up with better ways for us to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and to produce our own energy cleaner.

Like a reader mentioned before, and anyone who has kids knows, you usually see better results from a reward system instead of a punishment system.  This idea would drive our greatest asset, American Ingenuity, instead of stifling it under new taxes.  The new bill claims that carbon will be reduced, and companies will have to comply, except they can buy offsets.  The new bill is based on questionable science, while the Manhattan Project makes no reference to global warming.  Many scientists and climatologists have already shown that CO2 is not responsible for the imagined rise in temperature.  If you look at Al Gore’s famous graphs in overlay you will notice yourself that temperature historically rises BEFORE CO2 goes up.  I am no scientist, but common sense tells me if the effect happens before the cause then you got your theory mixed up.  Wrap all this up with reports that temperatures are on a downward trend, and many climatologists predict a cooling trend to start in the not so distant future, and you really have to wonder where the government is getting all the dire information they are hanging our futures on.

The thing that really burns me about this is I had to really do some searching to find this information.  Why is it the American people aren’t presented with their options, and the case for each?  I urge you to pay attention to the Cap and Trade bill as it goes to the Senate.  Call your Senator and make your voice heard.  Write them, email them, and fax them.  If we can defeat this bill in the Senate then we may have a chance to possibly get this sensible Project put back before Congress to be reconsidered.


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