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July 7, 2009

Sarah Palin: Brave Patriot or Scheming Politician

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I hope everyone had a good Independence Day weekend.  Mine was pretty good, all things considered.  Time with family and friends, illegal fireworks, vast quantities of food and libations, a sweet aromatic cigar, and that pesky Global Warming giving us a 65 degree night.  I was wearing a jacket on the 4th of July!

Well, before we get down to business I want to share a little anecdote with you all, because this is my blog and I can do that.  It has a bit to do with the first part of the title.  So Friday afternoon, like every afternoon I turn on the news at 3 P.M.  I don’t watch the news all day, because it is like watching reruns of the same hour, over and over again, so I catch up at 3, right before Glenn Beck comes on at 4.  Well they were talking about Sarah Palin, but they had not yet run any video, they just had reports from ‘inside sources’.  Come 3:30 they finally run this video of her speech, I watched, and I watched the commentary that followed for a half hour or more.  4 P.M. rolls around, time for Glenn Beck, but the news caster says they have more video and will get to Glenn Beck as soon as they show it to us.  They proceeded to show us the video, and then talk about it for an hour!  5 P.M. comes and no Glenn Beck, but the next news caster/programs comes on and you know what they were showing?  Sarah Palin!  So I decide to look up the Fox News customer complaint line and give them a piece of my mind.  Well the complaint line was full, probably from irate Glenn Beck viewers, so I hit zero for the operator and get this very unenthusiastic voice on the other line.  She was so unenthusiastic I could just see the image of her leaned back in her chair, filing her nails when her phone rings.  She sighs ‘who is interrupting my important day?’, answers the phone and in blank-eyed monotone ‘how can I help you?’  I ask “How come I had to watch a half hour about Sarah Palin, miss Glenn Beck for another hour on the same thing, and then after that you guys are running more coverage on Sarah Palin?”  Well, in her engaging sloth-like conversational tone she says ‘I will have to transfer you to the customer complaint line.’  I tried to say “I already tried that but the voice mail box was full,” but all I got out before miss excitement transferred me was, “I already tried…”.  I emailed them after that and have heard nothing since Friday evening, and I don’t really expect to, just glad I could share my frustration with my readers.

Now on to business and the reason I am writing this in the first place.  I am assuming you have all read and/or watched the video of Governor Palin’s speech.  I watched it with a sense of awe and at the same time foreboding.  I knew exactly what her opponents would say, and I knew that they would get to a lot of people that would otherwise support her.  I for one am taking her at her word, all the frivolous lawsuits and ethics suits were costing the state time and money.  Her administration had succeeded in making Alaska about the only successful state in the country during trying economic and political times.  Refused TARP money!  Enough surplus to give every Alaskan citizen $1000 back and still claim a surplus.  The list goes on and on, but she could not sit by and let her opponents, jackals that they are, destroy their hard work.  I have talked to family and friends and most are skeptical, as I believe a majority of people are.  Everyone is saying she is doing it so she can get her foot in the door for 2012, and that may be, but she may also be telling the truth about why she resigned.  If she wanted to run for election in 2012 all she would have to do is serve the rest of her term and not run again.  She said she did not want to follow the norm and be a lame duck governor that just suckles off the taxpayer for a year or more.  Isn’t it possible she is simply telling the truth?  You could almost compare finding an honest politician to the second coming if you talk to most Americans.  We have become so bitter, so distrusting that the minute a politician says something that sounds honorable we start to look for their motives.  Yes, Governor Palin may have motivations for not running for reelection, but to resign now?  I think we should take her at her word, she is doing it because she does not want to cost the taxpayers of Alaska any more money with all of these liberal vultures circling the Governor’s office.  She is right when she said they would not stop, and they still won’t stop, but at least they won’t be costing the citizens of Alaska any more money, and Sarah Palin can devote more time to making sure these people have to answer for wasting money and time for purely political reasons.


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  1. Dude, stop distracting me with your logic – I’m trying to watch vids on YouTube about Michael Jackson.

    Comment by Ike D — July 7, 2009 @ 9:22 am | Reply

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