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July 8, 2009

America’s Brave Warriors: Where is their memorial?

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You know, I liked Michael Jackson, his music, his talent.  He was a eccentric person, and a great talent.  I get that a lot of people are upset, and are going to miss him, but you know what was happening while we were subjected to hours and hours of the same footage, speculation, criminal accusations, etc, etc, on and on, into mind glaring eternity?  Brave American soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen were fighting and dying on their Independence day week so that people from two other countries can have their own Independence day.  In one case we have been successful, regardless of why we went, or what anyone thinks, or any of the quasi-political garbage that is spewed by hundreds, if not thousands, of websites out there those brave men and women, those warriors, have been successful.  Iraq now has an independence day, a day to be proud, a day that they can remember taking their country in their hands, free from tyranny, free from crippling taxes and a rich dictator that took more for himself than he ever gave to anyone else.

I think what sickens me the most this past week is the glaring example of how media can forget the priorities in lieu of ‘the next big story’.  They forget what this past week has been about, brave Americans sacrificing everything to insure freedom.  Those brave men that signed their name to that little piece of paper 200 years ago signed their own death warrants, they knew it, and for many it became reality.  Those warriors that went to war to defend this fledgling country, to uphold the wishes of those brave men.  Even those warriors through our history that have volunteered their time, their sweat, their blood, and at times their lives so that those that want it can have a taste of what we cherish here, freedom.

Well, since the 25th of June, one man has been more important to the media than all of that.  Yesterday I barely watched TV cause every channel that could produce a live feed was showing that one man’s funeral, and all of those channels were showing clips of it after it was over.  I am sickened by a media that has forgotten the Brave Warriors that have given their lives and shed their blood in the selfless act of defending a stranger’s freedom.  Those warriors need to be remembered so they will be here, they will get no public memorial, no concert farewell, no tribute other than what their family can give.  I salute them, I honor them, these are the Brave American Warriors that have fallen since June 25th, 2009:

June 25th

  • Specialist Joshua L. Hazlewood, 22, of Manvel, Texas-614th ACDD
  • First Lieutenant Brian N. Bradshaw, 24, of Steilacoom, Washington-501st PIR

June 26th

  • Private First Class Peter K. Cross, 20, of Saginaw, Texas-10th Mtn Div

June 28th

  • Sergeant Timothy A. David, 28, of Gladwin, Michigan-1st Cav Div
  • Private First Class Steven T. Drees, 19, of Peshtigo, Wisconsin-4th Inf Div

June 29th

  • Sergeant First Class Edward C. Kramer, 39, of Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Sergeant Roger L. Adams Jr., 36, of Jacksonville, North Carolina
  • Sergeant Juan C. Bladeosingh, 30, of Newport North Carolina
  • Specialist Robert L. Bittiker, 39, of Jacksonville, North Carolina-all of the 120th CAB Div.
  • Sergeant Terry J. Lynch, 22, of Shepherd, Montana-10th Mtn. Div.

July 2nd

  • Lance Corporal Charles S. Sharp, 20, of Adairsville, Georgia-2nd Marine Expeditionary Force

July 4th

  • Private First Class Justin A. Casillas, 19, of Dunnigan, California
  • Private First Class Aaron E. Fairbairn, 20, of Aberdeen, Washington-both of the 509th PIR

July 6th

  • Petty Officer 2nd Class Tony Michael Randolf, 22, of Henryetta, Oklahoma-Transition Command, Afghanistan

For those that were not yet listed we honor you, for those whose names I did not have, we salute you.  If I have made any mistakes in the information please let me know so I can correct it as soon as possible.  For all those who have died in our past, today, and those that will die in the future giving their lives for the betterment of another’s we cherish your heroism, courage, and sacrifice.


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  1. Thank you. Please keep my brothers in your prayers. One is in Afghanistan for the next 9 months, and has been in Iraq twice. In October, another is heading back to Iraq for the third time, though I’m not sure how the pull-back will affect this deployment.

    Comment by Ike D — July 8, 2009 @ 11:32 am | Reply

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