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July 10, 2009

Pork in Politics

Filed under: Sick and Tired — Trever Bierschbach @ 10:00 am

I don’t know about you all, but I sure an tired of hearing about all the earmarks, special projects, and extra money that goes into a bill just to get it passed.  The popular name for this is Pork, and I think it is making government very fat.  Why can’t legistlation be voted on for what it is, and if it isn’t strong enough, or legal enough, to pass on it’s own then it fails, but that is not how government works now.  I believe it has gotten to such a level that many in Congress would not vote for a bill, regardless of whether they liked it or not, unless there was something extra in it for them or their district.  Votes are being bought and sold in congress, and in congressional districts, with our money.  In many cases, taxpayer dollars are filtering into areas that would help elect someone that those taxpayers wouldn’t have voted for otherwise.  Let’s put it another way, let’s just say for sake of argument that I pay $5,000 a year in federal taxes, which get spent on a multitude of things.  Well, some portion of it, let’s say $5.00 of my tax dollars, along with $5.00 from every other taxpayer goes into a bill about health and safety, but intead of that $5.00 per taxpayer being used for health and safety it was used to buy the vote of a Georgia congressman by funding a public works project in Atlanta.  Now, that extra money may help that congressman get elected again, but I live in Illinois!  Wow, that just brought up a new thought, maybe there should be a rule that if a congressman or senator gets funding from the government for projects in their district it cannot exceed the tax revenue paid by that district.  Maybe that will at least protect us from funding the reelection of representatives that don’t represent us.

What has gotten into these people, that have begun to expect some sort of hand out for their vote?  What has happened to our way of government when a bill is not voted on for it’s merits but for the amount of money set aside in it for special projects?  I was watching a TV program the other day and I heard something astounding.  The bill that was passed in 1954 called the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1954 was only 29 pages long, correct me if that is wrong there.  The bill that really got the government involved in creating the interstate system, which probably had the most sweeping impact to date on the country as a whole was only 29 pages long!  Now we are seeing bills that are upwards of 1800 pages and longer?  Most of these bills are never even read the clowns that vote on them, or they are speed-read which is an insult to the American people and a mockery of the spirit of our system of government.  I don’t know about any of you, but I have read a novel that was close to 1800 pages, and I know that I could not read that in the time that most of these politicians have to read legislation, and the novel wasn’t in the legalese that these bills are written in.

In a glaring example of this, and of how the American people are being flat out lied to, is Nancy Pelosi’s pet project, the harvest field mouse.  We were told that funding for this project was NOT in the stimulus bill passed earlier this year, but it looks like the crooks are at it again.  $16M is earmarked in that stimulus bill to give jobs to migrant workers to rehab a salt marsh near Pelosi’s district to protect the harvest field mouse!  Not only did they lie to us about the earmark, they aren’t even using the money to give jobs to Americans!  You can read some of the story here, and there is a like to the full article at that site.

We are also seeing more pork added to the already $1T health care bill, in the form of walking trails, playgrounds, street lights and farmer’s markets.  They are clever in this one, yes it can be argued that these things will help keep Americans healthy, but this bill is not supposed to be about changing the way we live, it is about making 75% of the country dependant on the government for health care.  If they want to fund community projects they should set up separate legislation that gives grants to communities that need it.  Or, they should maybe start using some of the stimulus that hasn’t been spent yet on this, as far as I am concerned streetlights are infrastructure and that is what the stimulus was supposed to be for.

Bottom line, we need to start holding our represntatives responsible for this back-door dealing, and underhanded politics.  I want my elected officials making decisions based on the merits of the legislation, not based on how much money they can get for their district.  We should make our representatives reliant on us, their jobs should be held in our hands, we shouldn’t be looking to them for handouts.  The wasteful spending needs to stop, and we need to take back our country.


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  1. As an Atlanta (area) citizen, I thank you for so willingly giving us your five bucks 🙂

    I recently (and finally!) received a response from David Scott concerning the Waxman climate bill. I’d called, faxed, and emailed. This is the first response that I’d ever received from this guy. Of course, it was canned; I expected nothing less from this guy. One troubling statement that he made was that he’d “reviewed ACES thoroughly” before voting in favor of it. I stood there for a few minutes, closed my eyes, and started tapping my heels together… “there’s no place like home, there’s no place…”

    My particular un-representative claims to be a “blue dog”, but has voted the party line more than 98% of the time.

    As for holding these people responsible, I can’t think that it will ever happen (I’m rather pessimistic). Considering how few of these clowns have gone to jail, I just really don’t see it happening.

    The worst part of all of this is that many (or most?) Americans have come to expect, and indeed grade, their politicians based upon how much money they can take from others. It seems to be an insatiable appetite.

    Comment by Ike D — July 13, 2009 @ 9:25 am | Reply

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