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July 14, 2009

2010 Census Myths and Facts

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You know I love to watch Glenn Beck, but sometimes he does something that really hurts the conservative movement.  Not usually on purpose, just from either misspeaking, or not being clear on his point.  This time it wasn’t just him though, may conservative talk show, radio show, and other media hosts have been talking about Acorn, the 2010 Census, the unconstitutional questions, etc.  It has the liberal hounds all fired up because the conservatives are talking about not filling it out, the fine, jail time, and a lot of other things.  I think the biggest mistake is that no one has clarified what all this means, and the wide-eyed followers of the liberal media cult have latched onto that to spread all kinds of derogatory garbage against these media personalities and against republicans/conservatives.

Let’s get a few things straight, starting with the distinction between the census and what is called the American Community Survey.  Before this upcoming census about 1 in 6 households received a long-form census called the American Community Survey.  The ACS was different from the standard Census in that it asked all kinds of questions about your house, your lifestyle, your education, income, and on and on and on.  From now on though, the ACS goes out to a small group of Americans every year, and the 2010 census is all going to be short form, asking only name, sex, age, date of birth, race, ethnicity, relationship and housing tenure.  Here is where the difference is and where the confusion may have come in.  Several people have received the first ACS that has been sent out, many of the recipients being conservative media personalities.  The ACS is unconstitutional, and should not be mandatory, but it is.  This survey, the ACS is the survey that Glenn Beck and many others do not want people to have to answer.  Many in the Liberal media are saying that the conservatives don’t want you to answer the census, which would be detrimental to your representative district, but that is simply false.  In every quote from these conservative media personalities they have repeatedly said “all you have to tell them is the number of people in your household” and by law, and by the constitution that is true.  The constitution only gives the government the right to acquire a head count from the population of the United States every 10 years, a count, and nothing else.

Another myth that the Liberal media is spewing is that not answering the ACS will be detrimental to communities and will only hurt conservatives by changing congressional district sizes, areas etc.  Wrong!  Representative data is based solely on population number, the 2010 census, if answered by everyone, is all they need to have an accurate representative group for each district.  Answering the ACS is supposed to help determine spending based on demographic information, but it can also be used for all manner of things that it should not be used for, and by law it is unconstitutional, the government has no business knowing the answers to the questions in the ACS.

ACORN, and their involvement is still something that is up in the air.  The conservatives mention it because it is being considered, letting ACORN hire the census workers, and be in charge of the whole operation.  The liberals call this myth because the census website does not mention them.  Well of course the census website doesn’t mention them, they aren’t definitively involved yet, and if they do get involved I am sure it won’t be under the name ACORN anyway.  It will be under the name of one of their hundreds of affiliate companies that all funnel money through the same chain of crooks.  There is currently legislation being discussed to use the U.S. Postal Service to conduct the census.  That should be in everyone’s benefit, give the money to an agency that needs it, an agency that visits every home in America already, and keep those crooks in ACORN away from it.  These liberal junkies need to stop letting ACORN slide, and defending them.  Doesn’t everyone know they are being investigated for so many crimes that they will be in court for years to come?

Bottom line, Glenn Beck and others like him are not telling people to refuse to answer the census, they are telling people to only answer the question that is required by the constitution, the number of people in your home.  The other questions in the census are relatively safe I would think, age, race, etc.  Same questions you answer on almost every application for everything, if you would give it out to an employer that you don’t know why not give it to the government that you don’t know.  What you do not have to answer is how many toilets are in your house, when you leave for work, and the slew of other intrusive questions in the ACS.



  1. I received the ACS last year (i believe it was last year). I simply opened it, realized what it was, told my wife that we’re not responding and threw it away. A few days, I realized that a card from someone (the census bureau?) was also left in my front door. I’d missed it because we usually go through the garage. I threw away the card as well.

    Regardless, I had a well laid out plan that I wanted to try if these people actually showed up at my door and I actually answered it.

    – If the person is female, then I’d answer the door completely naked, sporting a dirk diggler grin, and insist that they come inside.
    – If male, then I’d invite them in and proceed to just drag things out as long as I could while getting black-out drunk as quickly as possible. Maybe I’d throw in a few random vitamins to give the appearance of a total pill popping, drunk lush.
    – For either gender, I’d put on some porn and read verses from the Quran.

    sadly, i never got the chance.

    Comment by IkeD — July 15, 2009 @ 3:45 pm | Reply

  2. Yeah, according to staff at the census bureau they would never go after someone for the fine, but legally a person throwing out their ACS or census could be fined up to $5000. Ridiculous, because not doing the census, the legal one, only punishes us by misrepresenting our district, yet the government, who is constitutionally obligated to get the info can fine us if we don’t make it easy for them.

    Comment by disgruntledpatriot — July 15, 2009 @ 4:36 pm | Reply

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