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July 15, 2009

Why Does Opposing One View Always Mean Supporting Another?

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I see it everywhere, but especially in politics and religion, when one side or ideology is trying to make their point, or denounce another’s.  What I don’t understand is why do these people always say you are supporting one side if you oppose the other?  Is it not possible to dislike both?

President Obama said today in a speech that those of us who oppose his idea of Universal Health care should look more closely at what we are defending.  I think this is one of the most aggravating, and small-minded things he has said to date.  Isn’t it possible that many of us aren’t defending anything, but stating that we don’t like his solution?  Our current health care system needs fixing, that is not in doubt.  What is in doubt is a socialized health care system that taxes a few to give a handout to the majority.

What the senate has put through recently is a good example of what is wrong with it and why it is socialist, and very bad socialist.  They would require people to get health care.  Now some social programs have been successful, and some seem to be a good thing.  Sadly I am reliant on one right now, being out of work and having a hard time finding a job I am living on unemployment income from the government.  It is a socialist program, sure, but without it my family would be on the street.  What makes a socialist program a bad thing is when you no longer have a choice, when it is required that you participate.  Part of the program says the government will subsidize insurance for people making less than 88k a year.  That would be me and my family, but I don’t want it.  I doubt that I will have that option, I would rather the government spent that money on something more important.  It isn’t easy but my family can afford the health care we have, we work for it, we don’t need it given to us.

I know it isn’t possible for me to just call up the White House and talk directly to the President, but I would if I could.  I would tell him he misspoke on several points in that speech, but especially when he said health care workers, and Americans are on board with his plan.  Last I looked a majority of citizens polled did not like his plan, and health care workers, who would feel the brunt just like workers in other countries that have plans like this are definitely not looking at this as a good thing.  He also misspoke when he called critics of his plan, defenders of the current system.  He needs to realize that the people he works for have a mind that can handle more than two concepts at a time, the American people are a broad demographic of broad ideas, and to lump us into two groups out of hand is an insult.

Now, call your congressman, make sure they are on board.  Make sure they hear you, do what you can to make sure they find a more fiscally responsible, and constitutionally responsible plan to reform our health care.  It isn’t perfect now, but it sure is better than what they have in every other country, we don’t need to follow them, we need to lead the world to something better.


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