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July 16, 2009

Our Future if New Health Care Bill is Passed!

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Bet you didn’t know I could tell the future.  Well it isn’t hard with our politicians, you just gotta open your eyes a little and look at the big picture, as they like to say.  I don’t know if any of you have heard, but Pentagon Health officials are pushing the Defense Secretary to institute a ban on smoking in the military.  They cite a study that says the cost to taxpayers for tobacco related illness is too high, and they could save money by doing this.  You can read about it here, and here.  I read about this, and I search my soul, and it makes sense.  Tobacco is dangerous, it is proven to cause all kinds of nasty illnesses, but then my head takes over.  What’s more dangerous, an IED or a cigarette?  How would you rate the threat level of an AK-47 versus some chewing tobacco?  How bout this, what kills faster, a grenade or a cigar?  To say that tobacco is too dangerous, and too costly to be allowed in the hands of military personnel is outright insulting to the job we ask them to do every day.

Now add this to the big picture, the military health care system is basically a small scale model of a tax-payer funded universal health care system.  If you can’t see this attempt at a military wide smoking ban as foreshadowing then take off your blinders!  Mark these words, we will hear about this very soon after they pass their socialist health care bill.  I don’t think it will stop there, after they ban smoking in the country…oh what was that, they won’t ban smoking because it will kill an American industry and cost way too much money?  Well, didn’t they try to do that with Cap and Trade?  This administration has proven to us time and again that the last thing they care about is saving jobs, or American industry.  After they ban smoking you will start to see legislation on the food that is available, oh wait, with the FDA now able to regulate cigarettes as well I don’t think they will even need legislation for either one.  How long before they start telling overweight people to change or lose their fee health care?  When will they tell us that in order to prevent high health care costs they are going to ban alcohol?  Keep your eyes open because I don’t think these things are all that far off.

Almost forgot, I wanted to add one more bit from the President’s speech yesterday about the Health Care bill.  He said we have to lead, we have to get this done and be leaders.  How can he define this country as a leader in health care when his plan is to follow all the other countries that have universal health care.  We need to lead again, and stop following in the wake of failed systems.  America used to be known as innovators, wait, I should say AmericaNS used to be known as innovators.  Our government has not innovated anything, it is has always been private citizens that have shown the world what we can do.  I would be willing to bet if you took guys like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Jeff Bezos and locked them in a room for a couple days they could come out with a Health Care system that would not only revolutionize the market, but would probably make money forever.  I can also say, confidently, that the last group they would have run it would be the government.


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