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August 14, 2009

Hypocrisy in the Media, Conservative Protestors vs. Liberal Activists

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It just makes me sick, the double standard that exists in this country, whether it be political party related, gender related, or racial.  What I want to talk about today though is the double standard that the media is perpetrating.  The news media is supposed to be fair, un-biased, and an honorable profession, yet they show their true colors when they denigrate the latest group of political protesters, just because they happen to be conservatives.  For years the media has covered Liberal activists, talking about how it is a demonstration of democracy, concerned citizens speaking their minds.  Yet, when people come out and speak negatively of a plan foisted on us by their chosen saviour, suddenly the activists are ‘crazy’, Nazis, racist, fake, plants, ‘older white malcontents’, and a whole list of other derogatory terms.  The Nazi one gets me the most, one would think it weird that Nazis would protest against a plan that smacks of fascism, put on the table by a president that reeks of socialism.  They are using these terms to undermine the fundamental right these protesters are expressing.  If Barack Obama was white, this would still happen, and the media wouldn’t have the racist card, or the Nazi card to play.  But, since he is black, suddenly anyone who disagrees with him must be racist.

Let’s break some of these down, from the perspective of a citizen that does not want this health care plan that is currently in congress.  First off, our system needs some fixes.  Just because I don’t want this particular reform doesn’t mean I want things to stay the same.  That is Myth #1, you know, since the White House wants to debunk myths and all.  We need something, but what we need is not socialist, Euro-style, health care.

Myth #2, the protesters are fake, or plants.  Just because people of like mind organize to protest, does not mean they were coerced to do it, or forced to do it.  The media points to groups organising these rallies, isn’t that what liberal activists have been doing for decades?  Were they all plants as well?  No one told me to dislike the health care plan, but I do.  No one told my wife to dislike it, or my parents, or most of my friends to dislike it.  We just do, and no one had to tell me to talk about it, I decided that all on my own.  Another part of this myth is the left claiming that the protesters are plants, that work for the insurance industry.  Well, I have never been contacted by an insurance company, have you?  Fortunately I live in a district with a congressman that has his head on the right way, and is clear on his vote.  He held some town hall meetings that were pretty tame, because everyone knew that he was doing the right thing.  If he had not, I would have been there to speak my mind, without incentive from some insurance company.

Myth #3, the protesters are racist, or Nazis.  First of all race has nothing to do with it, this plan would suck no matter the color of the president.  No one on the side of the protesters even mentions race, that is the liberal media, and the left that keeps mentioning race.  They are doing it to make the voices of the protesters seem less legitimate.  The mention of swastikas, and Nazis at the rallies, well, sure there may be white supremacists at these things, but is that a representation of all of the protesters?  No, it isn’t.  Could there be another explanation, perhaps that this plan smacks of Nazi Germany?  These ultra-socialist programs were the same kinds of things promised by Hitler to gain the love of the German people in the late 30’s and early 40’s.  As a matter of fact the only reference to a swastika I could find is one painted on a sign outside a Georgia representative’s office, as if marking him in league with fascists.  You would think that if people were carrying them at the meetings there would be pictures all over the internet.

Myth #4, the protesters are older, white malcontents.  Well, I guess they have only been watching one video.  I have seen young women, young black men, older white women and men, middle-aged black men, white men, and women, and young white men, well, pretty much members of every demographic speaking out against this health care plan.  The left is doing their best to discredit the protesters, and the fact of the matter is all they can do is lie about it.  As yesterday’s post said, I urge everyone to post to flag@whitehouse.gov and report them for their ‘fishy’ disinformation.


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