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August 18, 2009

Health Care Moving to a More Palatable Compromise

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Well, it looks like congress is getting it’s head on straight and looking to drop the public option from the health care bill.  They are finally taking a look at some republican backed ideas like non-profit coops.  This has been the major lynch pin for many people, including me, who did not want to see government take over health care.  What we want, and need is for government to lift restrictions they put in place to stifle competition, and to open up the playing field for more options.  It does not look like they are going to do all of that yet, but we are getting on the right track now.

The non-profit coops would offer health care for people who can’t get it through an employer by grouping customers together to purchase cheaper coverage.  This will force private companies to offer similar options, and it will breed competition, something this country and our economy is founded on.  Now we need to push for lifting the restriction on cross-state competition, allowing doctors to volunteer outside their state (more on this later), and allow people to keep coverage they had while employed at the same price they paid until they find a new employer.

Ok, now about the volunteering thing.  There is a group, founded by Stan Brock, called Remote Area Medical, which takes medical care all over the world for free.  Some of their stops have been here in the U.S. but they are facing a problem here that they don’t face when they go outside the country.  Many states do not let their doctors volunteer their time in other states.  Many times they hold these free clinics here in the States, but half of their chairs will be empty because they cannot get volunteers to staff them.  I can understand the state licensing thing, but when it comes to volunteering for a non-profit event this restriction should be lifted.


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