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August 20, 2009

Two Things, Among Many, That Make My Head Hurt

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Ok, I was watching TV today, well, really listening to it while I was cleaning the kitchen, when I heard a couple of commercials that made me question a few things.  The first one was a commercial for Insurance Companies that support the health care reform plans currently in congress, and the other was for AARP’s ad for supplemental health insurance.

Well, for the first one, does anyone else find it strange that the liberal media, and democrats in government are saying that protesters at town hall meetings are stooges for the insurance industry, yet the insurance industry is putting out commercials in support of obamacare?  Even the President said that insurance companies were on board with his plan.  Isn’t it about time we start demanding the media have a little decency and our politicians stop lying to us?  It seems that the only way they can support their view is to lie and deceive.

On the second one, I seem to remember the President saying AARP was with him in his plan for government controlled health care.  I also remember supporters saying that Medicare is a prime example of universal health care that works.  If that is the case why is AARP selling supplemental insurance ‘to fill in the gaps that medicare misses’?  Seems a lot like in France where many of their citizens have to purchase private insurance to cover what their socialist government health care doesn’t.


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