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September 6, 2009

Finally Someone in Government Wakes Up!

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As many of you have probably heard Van Jones, now former Green Jobs Czar, resigned.  He claims that it is because of the vicious smear campaign against him, that was distracting from the President’s agenda.  He says that his opponents are using lies and disinformation against him.  I am sorry, but his biggest opponent has been pursuing this story for some time.  Glenn Beck has been asking the White House and Van Jones for an explanation of the Czar’s activities for weeks now.  Contrary to the AP report by Will Lester, Mr. Beck did not start denouncing Van Jones after the advertising boycott, but before it.  Mr. Beck has been begging for answers for some time now, and if there were an explanation for his past they would have given it by now.

Not once has Van Jones denied being a communist, nor has the White House.  He has not denied forming the radical organization STORM, or the Ella Baker group.  He did not deny his support of cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal.  He said in speeches that we intentionally poison minorities, and spray toxins on migrant workers in fields.  The only thing he apologized for was using vulgarity when referring to Republicans, and apologized for offending anyone.  An apology is not enough for many of these things.  Would it be acceptable for him if he said “I am sorry for being a communist, I am still one, but I am sorry it offends you”?  No, you don’t apologize for your beliefs, and if your beliefs are out of line with the American way of life, and way of government then you have no place in the White House.  He also addressed the 9/11 truther petition that he claims not to agree with.  WHAT!?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t sign things when I haven’t read them, and if I don’t agree I don’t sign a petition.  He claims that he did not read it, and he does not, nor did he ever agree with what the group says.  Contrary to what a spokesman from the 9/11 truther organization said.  Even that group says Van Jones knew, and supported their argument.  Even if we take him at his word, here is a Yale Law School graduate, that signed a petition that he didn’t read, and if he had read it he wouldn’t have agreed with it.  Well, perhaps he is the worst lawyer in the history of man, or just the stupidest man in the history of this country.  Either way that in itself should have disqualified him for service to our President.  There were no lies and disinformation spread about him, if these things were untrue he had plenty of opportunity to defend himself.  It has been my experience that no one leaves a job, or quits a cause because people are lying about him.  They resign because they know the accusations are true, and fighting them would be useless.

Now my question is, if this guy got through the screening process to serve in the White House, what about all the others?  I think it is time for the President, the FBI, and Congress to start asking tougher questions, and do some real digging.  One of these groups might be competent enough to shake out all the communists, socialists, marxists, anti-capitalists, anti-Americans, and just plain dangerous people.


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