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October 1, 2009

Is the U.S. Congress Just a Bunch of School Kids?

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Ok, we have Representative Alan Grayson making ridiculous signs and using them to debate health care.  Saying things like the GOP’s health care plan is a ‘blank piece of paper’, and holding up a sign that says the GOP contingency plan is to ‘Die Quickly’.  Really, is that what this debate has degenerated into?  The GOP has several plans that they have tried to get into the debate, having just about all of them shot down.  All the while Democrats cry for bi-partisan support for an extremely partisan bill.

Now, we have Republicans demanding that Grayson be treated to the same ridiculous slap on the wrist that was given to Joe Wilson.  Come on guys!  Didn’t the Republicans argue that reprimanding Joe Wilson was only taking time away from the business of the people?  Didn’t they say there were more important things to be done than a resolution that results in nothing more than a wagged finger and saying ‘bad boy’?  Is this a time to be playing this game?  Shouldn’t one side stand up and say ‘enough, enough with these games, we need to get back to the work of the people’.

Why can’t we address the inconsistencies in Congress instead of these childish fights?  Democrats shot down a proposal that would have made them publish whatever health care plan they decide to vote on for 3 days, so that we can read it.  The Republicans that propose the bill said that the public deserves to see the bill, read it, and know how much it costs, but the Democrats said there wasn’t time.  Then they went on a long 4 day weekend.  NOT ENOUGH TIME!?  They work for us people, it IS our business what is in that bill and how much it is going to cost.  It IS our business to know what Congress is doing.

Along with this proposal from the Republicans, the Democrats also shot down two other amendments to the health care bill.  Two amendments that would essentially keep the President to his word.  One amendment strengthened language in the bill to ensure that illegal immigrants would not get coverage or subsidies from the plan.  The second bill, shot down today I believe, would have made sure that no new taxes were levied against people who make under 250k a year.  Both of these would have made sure the President’s promises were kept, but the Democrats shot those down.  Why?  Why do the Democrats refuse to let us read the bill or know the cost?  Why do they refuse to make specific amendments that would keep the President’s promises in the plan?  These are questions they need to answer.



  1. umm there ALREADYYYYYYYYY is strong luanguage in the proposal that bans illiegals from getting health care they didn’t need another ONE ANOTHER WAIT OF TIME for the moronic Joe Wilson ! and grayson hit the nail on the head and all he calling for is these repukes to stop this game if this is not what there plan is they better start get some good stuff in there in stead of worring about the languageeeeeee and show him and world they give a damn about people not the corps and what they want to interpurate the constititions says ffs thhey don’t care about the people or the constitution they care about saving the insurence profits end of story !!!!!!!!

    Comment by Jamie — October 1, 2009 @ 12:42 pm | Reply

  2. oh and if you go to white house you get most of what on the and no they don’t need to weeksss to read it ffs ther stalling and thats allll we will get to it all before the president signs it they have posted every thing thus why would they stop nowwwwww just not when repuke want them too oh waaa we get it don’t worry repuke and go sit in spin there reason we here anyway !

    Comment by Jamie — October 1, 2009 @ 12:45 pm | Reply

  3. Sure the bill says Illegals won’t get subsidies, but it also does not require proof of citizenship. Basically it is like saying that we will increase the age to buy alcohol to 25, but we aren’t going to card anyone anymore. Unless you believe in some sort of universal honor system, then people under 25 will be buying alcohol if the bill is passed that way. If we don’t require people to prove citizenship to get subsidies then subsidies will go to illegal immigrants. That is what they are trying to change.

    As for putting the bill online, that is for us, not them. We have the right to know what they are voting on, and how much it will cost. They work for us, and they answer to us. They simply want the bill put online for 72 hours before the vote, they proposed the 72 hour thing last week, and the Dems said no, they didn’t have that kind of time. Then they went on a 4 day weekend. If there is such a hurry why the vacation.

    Grayson did not hit the nail on the head, because he says there is no GOP plan for HC reform. That is an outright lie.

    Tort Reform
    Incentives for healthy living
    coops, where patients own their health care provider
    Paying doctors based on outcome instead of number of procedures to promote more efficient and effective health care.

    Just a few, and thankfully some of it has made it’s way in.

    Don’t get me wrong, both sides are being idiots in this, but to say that it is one side or the other is to ignore the whole picture. Conservatives and Republicans do care. They do want reform. What they are asking for is sensible reform, not something that resembles an already failed system that Europe and Canada have.

    Comment by disgruntledpatriot — October 1, 2009 @ 1:08 pm | Reply

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