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October 22, 2009

Congress’ Halloween Surprise

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Sorry for the delay in new posts, I have been a bit under the weather since the weekend.  I wanted to write about this earlier in the week, but just couldn’t make myself do it with my exploding sinuses and all.  Well, now that the pleasantries are over, here is some news that seems to have been buried by the main stream…I mean fringe media.  Come November 1st, unless the President signs a resolution to completely defund ACORN, that organization will again be able to collect federal funds, i.e. tax dollars.  Here is where you can read the specifics about what really happened, and what it means in the future.

Crazy right?  Imagine my surprise, because the fringe media told us that ACORN was defunded in a sweeping bipartisan vote in the house and the senate.  They left out the part that it was only for a month.  According to Congresswoman Bachmann it doesn’t even take an act of congress to defund ACORN, just a decision from the President.  Now we should be asking ourselves why isn’t he doing this?  Does he not know that he has that power?  Does he know, but since he has buddies at ACORN he isn’t going to do it?  I think they were hoping we would forget about ACORN after a month and once they started receiving funds again no one would notice.  Thanks to one Congresswoman that stood up and told us the truth for once.


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