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November 11, 2009

Congress Really Thinks We Are All Stupid

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First let me say, thank you to all those serving and who have served this country in our armed forces.  Those brave men and women who volunteered to do what many cannot or will not do.  They deserve our respect, and we honor them this day.

Now on to the topic, which has been long in coming.  I know that I have been neglect in writing recently, but things have been a little hectic.  Looking for a job, holidays coming up, family stuff and what not, it all adds up.  What I have noticed over the last couple of weeks though is that our congressmen and women must really think we are all morons.  Let’s take a look at what has been done recently with the health care bill recently passed in the House.

We were told that the most important thing is to get health care for all.  Affordable access to insurance for every American, it has to be done, otherwise the whole country will implode!  So they pass a bill that will only insure 95% of citizens.  Um, is anyone else confused?

We were told that it would come in under 900B dollars, so they pass a bill that comes in at around 850B over ten years.  In order to pass it though they have to get in separate legislation to appease the doctors, costing about 250B.  I am no mathematician but isn’t that over 900B dollars?  I mean really, if you had a kid that asked for a video game system but you told him that 300 dollars was the limit.  Your kid makes his choice, a system that costs 299 dollars, but the kicker is you have to also spend 100 dollars for games and controllers so he can use the system would you be fooled?  Why do they think we would be?

They tell us that it is supposed to lower premiums for people, except they come right out and say that younger people will pay more so that older people pay less.  It won’t hurt businesses but they will be forced to provide insurance or pay fines.  No new taxes on the middle class, but we will be paying more money for this system than we pay now.  Correct me if I am wrong, but is anyone out there really fooled by the staggering arrogance of politicians?  I watch them on these talk shows, and when they get asked a question they don’t actually answer it they just parrot the same bull that every other politician spits out.

Let’s put this down the way I see it.  I am not economist, nor am I all that good at math.  I think that I represent the average American out there, middle class, worried about a good job, family, kid in school, etc.  They tell me I won’t be paying more taxes, except they are going to charge me more for insurance.  Ok, so that isn’t a tax, that is me paying more for the same services I get now.  I call that gouging.  They want to tax more on unhealthy food and drink.  Well, I happen to like unhealthy food and drink.  I don’t overindulge, I am fairly young and healthy, and I am not overly concerned that having soda once a day is going to kill me, but they want to make me pay more for it.  Ok, let’s not call it increased taxes, let’s call it punishment to adjust behavior.  Wait a minute…where do they get off telling me to adjust my behavior?  Ok, enough with the taxes.

They tell us that we won’t be forced onto the public option.  Let’s start with small businesses that cannot afford to offer insurance.  I worked for two of them, that for one reason or another could not offer company insurance.  With the new system, those businesses can either offer what they cannot afford to offer, or pay a fine they cannot afford to pay.  Will that business have to shut down?  Will they have to bite the bullet and pay the fine, putting their employees on the public plan?  It’s hard to say what will happen, but what I can say for certain is that our congressmen have no concept of small business and what it takes to run one.  What about big businesses?  What do you think will happen if they find it cheaper to pay the fine to discontinue insurance benefits for employees?  What happens if they find the government plan cheaper to offer than private insurance?

They would like us to believe that the public option offers competition within the market.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that no business can compete with the government.  Business runs on capital and investment.  Businesses are helped or hampered by what they can bring in and the services they offer.  How can a business that relies on private investment hope to compete with an entity, the government, that essentially has unlimited capital and investment?  When a company needs money they have to look to investors or get a loan, both of which has limits and has to be returned.  If the government needs money they either tax for it or print it.  Businesses cannot do that.  How can you have competition when one of the competitors also makes the rules for the market?  Does anyone really believe that any company could compete, let’s say in the computer market, if Microsoft made all the rules and regulations for the computer industry?  How long would Apple last if Microsoft set the rules for manufacture, distribution, pricing, etc.?  That is what we are about to get if this bill passes the Senate, and anyone that tells you differently is lying to you.


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