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December 11, 2009

Playing Politics With Our Troops Again

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So much going on today that I felt compelled to write twice in one day…I know, crazy isn’t it?  Well looks like our congress is at it again, they want to raise the debt ceiling.  They are spending so much that they have to raise the bar again, so that we look like we are coming in under our limit.  Yeah, doesn’t make much sense to me either.  They claim that they can’t do all the things they want to do, include pay the country’s bills, without raising the debt ceiling.  I have a suggestion…stop spending!  I know if I called up my credit card company and told them that not only did I need a higher limit, but I don’t plan on paying my bill, they would laugh at me.  We aren’t going to pay our debts, we are just going to rack up more.  Congress is essentially giving themselves a higher limit on OUR credit card.  My earlier example isn’t exactly right, you would have to switch it around to my credit card company spending my money, then reaching my limit and telling me they are going to raise it so they can spend more of my money.

If all of that wasn’t ridiculous enough, the Democrats are going to force it through by attaching it to the defense spending bill.  This will make Republicans loathe to vote against it, and the Dems know it.  You all know how much I hate this kinda garbage.  Our troops are not political pawns, and it shows how little they are regarded by our politicians every time they are used as such.  I hate bills attached to bills.  If legislation isn’t good enough to pass all on its own, it shouldn’t pass.  Call your congressman, put a stop to this bull.  Tell them to separate these bills, and demand separate votes.  Tell them that they can no longer piggy back bad legislation on top of stuff that has to pass.


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