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December 16, 2009

Canadian Journalist Thinks We Should All Emulate China!?

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Diane Francis, in an article published in the Financial Post, proposes that the only way to stop global warming is to adopt a one-child policy all across the world.  She says that China is the only country truly addressing the issue with their one-child per family policy.  She lauds the benefits of China’s policy saying:

“China has proven that birth restriction is smart policy. Its middle class grows, all its citizens have housing, health care, education and food, and the one out of five human beings who live there are not overpopulating the planet.”

Diane claims that this ‘policy’ would reduce the number of orphans and unwanted children, but forgets to cite the 150,000 (and climbing) homeless children in China.  You wanna see China’s public housing?  Check it out, I am sure that Diane is just fighting tooth and nail to live here.
There is also one major flaw in Diane’s reasoning, China, unlike Canada and the United States, is a communist country.  Their people don’t have nearly the freedoms that we do here.  If she really thinks that Americans will lay down and accept such a violation of personal freedom then she doesn’t know us that well.  We may take a lot, we may let our politicians get away with almost anything, but I can guarantee Diane one thing.  If our leaders tried to impose this type of policy on us it would spark a fight that would rival any war this country has ever seen.  Perhaps Diane, who is so willing to give up her personal freedoms, and ours along with it, should try living in China for a while, and come tell us how swell it is in a few years.

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