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January 28, 2010

I Had an Epiphany Too Chris Matthews

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I think I have figured out why all the idealogues on the left claim that any dissent is racially motivated when it comes to our current president.  It is because they cannot get over the fact that the President is black.  While the majority of America has gotten past racial bias, and is starting down the road of tolerance by ambivalence (like that one?  I will explain in a minute), there are some on the extreme left that still see color.  They cannot fathom that most of us do not.  They cannot put down their own long-held stereotypes that tell them that anyone who is not like them must be a racist.  Instead of saying “I forgot he was black tonight for and hour”, most of us just say “I do not, nor did I ever, care that he is black.”

I am sure that most of you either saw it, or heard it, but just in case here is a link to what Chris Matthews said.  That was my epiphany, while driving home from the grocery store today.  Here is Chris Matthews, sitting at home, or wherever.  Chills up his legs for his savior who deigned to speak to us AGAIN on TV, and good ol Chris realizes he forgot the President was black.  Here is a clue Chris.  We did not vote against him because he was black, though some voted for him because of it.  (A very racist thing against BOTH candidates)  We do not dissent because he is black, many of us dislike our white congressmen and senators for the very same reasons we do not like the President.

That all is where tolerance through ambivalence comes in.  I am not racist because I do not care about race.  Not because I do not see it, or because I forgot about it.  I do not care what race anyone belongs to.  I believe that the majority of my fellow citizens, from all parties, is the same way.


January 27, 2010

The Proof is in the Finger Pointing

I have read hundreds of books, well over 800 actually, and countless magazines and watched countless hours of movies and TV so I don’t really know where I heard this.  You might recognize it though.  Somewhere, someone said you can always tell who is wrong by all the finger-pointing they do to distract you from the fact that they are wrong.  Politicians do it when their terms aren’t going that well, kids do it when they did something wrong but don’t want to get in trouble, even political parties do it to try to get votes.  It’s sad though when our media does it, a media that has lost its path, its purpose.  It’s how I can tell who I trust, who to believe.  You can watch ten minutes of any opinion show on MSNBC and you will hear derogatory words aimed at ordinary citizens, or competitive news outfits over and over again.  You will hear progressives, who profess tolerance for all, love and understanding, butterflies and ice cream cones, call every-day people names.  You will hear those same progressives bash their competition, wasting so much air time simply pointing the finger at someone else’s failings, or perceived failings.  That’s why I don’t watch that channel very much, but when I do I just laugh.  It’s why I watch Glenn Beck.  Watch an hour of his show, any day, and you won’t see poorly selected pictures of his competition, or hear him run audio of another media outlet just to make fun of them.  He only shows the other media personalities if he can show you right there that they are factually wrong.  You know, like the MSNBC report about racial tensions at a rally in California, where MSNBC conveniently cropped the picture showing the ‘racial tension’ was coming from a black man holding a rifle.  This next anecdote doesn’t have much to do with the topic, that I will get to later, just a snippet of something that I found humorous.

So, I am sitting there flipping channels, trying to convince my brain what it doesn’t want to hear, that there is nothing on.  I stop on the Ed show on MSNBC, because it makes me laugh.  They were discussing how everyone is just misinformed, and that the President’s numbers aren’t as bad as everyone thinks, according to an NBC poll!  Yep that’s right, the NBC poll, far more scientific than any other independent poll, showed that people supported democrats in congress, a congress that has had approval ratings in the high teens/low twenties since the Dems have had control.  The completely reliable poll also said that Obama had a 50% approval rating, and that more people supported the current health care bill than didn’t.  You know what they failed to mention though?  They forgot to mention the two (or is it three) degrees of separation between MSNBC/NBC and the office of the President.  NBC is owned by…GE.  GE’s CEO (lots of acronyms) is a financial adviser to the President.  Yup, that poll is very trustworthy.

So, my point.  I found a link to a facebook page for Ethical Reporters Against Faux News, so of course I had to have a look and see what kind of ‘ethical reporters’ we were dealing with.  I browsed through this, and the first thing I realize it the page isn’t organized by ‘ethical reporters’, it’s links to ‘ethical reporters’ so of course I had to do a count.  There were 31 articles when I looked at the page just a few moments ago.  Of those 31 there are 6 links to the comedy shows ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report’, are these ‘ethical reporters’?  (Literally scratching my head)  There are 7 links to the Huffington Post, a group that is clearly and admittedly ‘left wing’ and out to get their opposition.  Also if I am not mistaken it is mostly bloggers that they link to, not reporters, not even ‘ethical reporters’.  Oh, yeah one of those Huffpuff pieces, written by Bill Maher, who said that all American’s are stupid.  Way to support that guy ‘ERAFN’ (that’s how they refer to themselves on the page when they don’t want to type, which is funny cause I just typed more explaining it than if I had used the full name.)  Finally, they had 4 links to MSNBC (see above for why that link is funny in the context of ‘ethical reporting’), but again, they mostly linked to the opinion shows which aren’t reporters.

Also at this page you will find the happy, shining examples of the party of love and tolerance.  I found these gems at ‘ERAFN’ from their fans.

“Well, there are some Republicans that aren’t flaming, hating, teabaggers”

“She [Sarah Palin] has about as much charisma as a rabid pitbull in my estimation – and that’s kind of an insult to pitbulls!”

“palin is gonna get raped!!” (my favorite, this shows the love, tolerance and inclusiveness of the left so well)

“I’m gonna wash that bank right outa my hair…” (a sick joke when referring to being raped by a big bank, this comment made by the supposed ‘ERAFN’)

Now, I am all for non-PC free speech, and a dirty joke now and then.  I don’t begrudge anyone the above opinions, I just wish someone could point out, maybe with a shovel, that the right doesn’t have a monopoly on bad morals, hypocritical acts, and generally being jerks.

January 25, 2010

Obama’s America? Really, Since When?

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I saw something last night that bothered me.  CNN or MSNBC is doing a special on ‘Obama’s America’.  Does this bother anyone else?  Since when does the country belong to the president?  I know it’s just a turn of phrase, at least I hope it is from them, but a turn of phrase like this seems very important.  Perhaps they should have chosen ‘Obama’s Year’, or ‘Obama’s Presidency’.  You know, I looked it up to see which network was running it and found it’s a bit more prevalent than I thought.  Books, news articles, shows, radio broadcasts, etc.  All over the internet the phrase ‘Obama’s America’!  This is not a country of one man, this is not a monarchy.  This is OUR America, not his.

I urge everyone that reads this, pass it on as well, stop using this phrase if ever you have.  It may just seem like an innocent turn of phrase but those phrases have a way of weaseling their way into our psyche over time.  It shouldn’t be used for any president, ever, lest we forget our place in the course of this country.  We don’t row this boat, the politicians do.

I know, short rant, but it was just something I had to get off my chest.

January 11, 2010

Liberals Circle the Wagons Again in a Blinding Display of Racial Doublestandard

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With the internet and Hollywood abuzz with how racist Republicans are, you might expect the latest story to bring these high-handed liberals to feed one of their own to the wolves to save their image.  Well, I guess that’s because you have a common sense, and a sense of honor that most liberals just say they have.  No one ‘talks the talk’ more than liberals, or fails to ‘walk the walk’ like they do.

The AP reported late in the week on apologies from Democratic leader Harry Reid to the President, for words spoken during the 2008 campaign.  Reid said that Obama could win because the was ‘light-skinned’ and ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one’.  Of course as soon as the AP got a hold of the book that had these quotes, Reid came out and apologized, which begs the question; would he have said anything if those quotes had gone forgotten forever?  Isn’t it the sign of a true penitent if they apologize before the offended even know there is anything to apologize for?

Of course, contrary to what they would have done of it had been a Republican that said it, the Democrats circled the wagons, throwing their support behind the Democratic leader.  Even the congressional black caucus got behind it.  The President accepted the apology, sure as expected, that’s what a president does.  He leaves the punishment up to the people whose responsibility it is to punish.  Where is the censure?  Where are the hearings?  We had to listen to a whole week of rhetoric because a congressman called the President a liar, but nothing here?  Where is Nancy Pelosi to cry about the ‘dangerous rhetoric’?  Where is ‘uber left’ activist Janeane Garofalo who said about the tea-parties:

“a bunch of teabagging rednecks,” adding “this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up.”

Is it only racism if you don’t agree with the person who made the statement?  The last head of the RNC was forced out, by his own party under pressure from Democrats, because he hearkened back to segregation in a speech.  Don’t get me wrong, as far as I am concerned, racism is racism, no matter where it comes from.  I will be just as disgusted next week when it comes out that a Republican said something racist and the Democrats crucify him for it.  I think just about every politician is a scumbag and a liar, but when I see non-politicians like Gerofalo, taking a stand on something, and act like they are better than everyone else because they have something to stand for, it disgusts me when they show their double standard so blatantly.

January 8, 2010

Green Movement in Chicago Costs More Money and Lives Lost

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Sad story out of Chicago, a woman was killed last year because the new ‘green’ LED traffic lights were obscured by snow and the driver that hit her did not see the light.  You see, LED lights are cost effective, low power, low heat, very bright bulbs that are the recommended ‘green’ replacement for standard bulbs.  Problem is the low heat, where the old fashioned bulbs got hot, and melted any snow and ice that built up, the LED bulbs just get covered over, and people can’t see them.  Now the city of Chicago has to spend the money, it was saving on energy, on ways to clear the lights themselves.  Isn’t that just ignorant?

I guess we can chalk this up to the growing list of how  the ‘green’ movement is causing more harm than good.

Poison filled light bulbs

Landfills full of large hybrid batteries (and poison filled light bulbs)

Added pollution from increased energy usage to charge electric cars

and so on.

When is the public going to realize that, while they rant and rave against big business, they are playing the stooges of what is becoming the biggest business in the country?  They think that all the evils in the world are profit-based decisions made by big companies and their supporters, all because they want to make a buck.  The ‘green’ movement is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and in many cases it is owned and operated by those same ‘evil’ big companies.  I believe that the ‘green’ movement is just as much about profit as any other business, and not about saving the planet.  They know, as well as many of us know, there is nothing that needs to be done.  This planet has taken care of itself for a very, very long time, and this is by far not the biggest rise in temps that history has seen.  As a matter of fact no year has been hotter than 1998, so guess what.  It has been cooling for over 10 years.

Now before you flame, I do believe in responsible conservation.  I like that we plant trees when we cut them down.  The U.S. has more trees now than we did in 1920.  I like recycling as much as possible.  I like the idea of finding cleaner alternative fuels, but all of this under economically and socially responsible means.  Who cares if we save the planet if we cause the economic collapse of the world, use all our food for fuel and cause global famine, and generally destroy our civilization?  Do they really think that our grandkids are going to thank us for saving them a world where they don’t have enough to eat, no power, no heat, no work, and no way to better their lives?

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