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January 4, 2010

A Look Into Our Future With Government Health Care

Filed under: Sick and Tired — Trever Bierschbach @ 9:35 am

So it seems that Britain’s NHS has determined that people drink too much in the UK and it’s costing the government too much money.  Now this story might make you think, sure ok, that makes sense.  What’s the problem?  Well I thought the same thing until I read the entire story, not just the snippet that was published in our local liberal-run newspaper.  Here is a quote from the full article.

“The British government’s top medical adviser suggested raising the price of alcohol earlier this year to curb the country’s binge-drinking culture, and the government has promised to launch public awareness campaigns about the dangers of alcohol.”

So now what do you think?  This is what we get when the government is in charge of our health and welfare, we get a nanny state that wants to take care of us by ‘nudging’ us in the right direction.  Sure, they know a ban on alcohol would be a huge mistake, see prohibition.  What they can do though is make it so expensive that you can no longer afford it.

You know what this also does?  It sets up another case of class warfare that the liberals love so much.  If they make alcohol too expensive for the lower-middle class, then years down the road they can blame high government health care premiums on the rich who drink too much.  I am sure they are thinking that way, but if I can come up with it in a few seconds I am sure someone else will too.

Perhaps one of these days people will start looking at the UK as a crystal ball displaying our future.  They have had socialized medicine for a very long time now, and if you look you will see it has so many problems it makes our current system look like a fairy tale come true.


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