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January 8, 2010

Green Movement in Chicago Costs More Money and Lives Lost

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Sad story out of Chicago, a woman was killed last year because the new ‘green’ LED traffic lights were obscured by snow and the driver that hit her did not see the light.  You see, LED lights are cost effective, low power, low heat, very bright bulbs that are the recommended ‘green’ replacement for standard bulbs.  Problem is the low heat, where the old fashioned bulbs got hot, and melted any snow and ice that built up, the LED bulbs just get covered over, and people can’t see them.  Now the city of Chicago has to spend the money, it was saving on energy, on ways to clear the lights themselves.  Isn’t that just ignorant?

I guess we can chalk this up to the growing list of how  the ‘green’ movement is causing more harm than good.

Poison filled light bulbs

Landfills full of large hybrid batteries (and poison filled light bulbs)

Added pollution from increased energy usage to charge electric cars

and so on.

When is the public going to realize that, while they rant and rave against big business, they are playing the stooges of what is becoming the biggest business in the country?  They think that all the evils in the world are profit-based decisions made by big companies and their supporters, all because they want to make a buck.  The ‘green’ movement is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and in many cases it is owned and operated by those same ‘evil’ big companies.  I believe that the ‘green’ movement is just as much about profit as any other business, and not about saving the planet.  They know, as well as many of us know, there is nothing that needs to be done.  This planet has taken care of itself for a very, very long time, and this is by far not the biggest rise in temps that history has seen.  As a matter of fact no year has been hotter than 1998, so guess what.  It has been cooling for over 10 years.

Now before you flame, I do believe in responsible conservation.  I like that we plant trees when we cut them down.  The U.S. has more trees now than we did in 1920.  I like recycling as much as possible.  I like the idea of finding cleaner alternative fuels, but all of this under economically and socially responsible means.  Who cares if we save the planet if we cause the economic collapse of the world, use all our food for fuel and cause global famine, and generally destroy our civilization?  Do they really think that our grandkids are going to thank us for saving them a world where they don’t have enough to eat, no power, no heat, no work, and no way to better their lives?


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  1. The right’s message about florescent bulbs isn’t entirely accurate. In fact, the amount of mercury in a CFL is incredibly small, and a bulb does not, by itself, pose any real threat. Of course, the hazard is a reflection of the volume, much like batteries and engine oil. And we’re all aware that those things should be disposed/recycled in a proper manner.

    Aside from that, I agree with you. Alternative energies are interesting from many perspectives, especially for nerds such as myself. In fact, I own hundreds of shares of common stock in a smaller wind power company, Juhl. I purchased the stock directly through my broker, and not as part of any mutual fund or 401K. So, the point is that my interest is two fold – if we’re going to be forced into this by the Imperial US Federal Government, then hopefully I can make a few bucks along the way (assuming I’m allowed to keep any profit). But alas, the stock took a deep dive and has been hibernating for the last year or more. Nonetheless, my motive to profit is as strong as ever.

    As for trees, I’ve read varying academic articles concerning American Indians’ burning of forests for a variety of reasons. There are some arguments that these fires often grew wildly out of control and resulted in the destruction of hundreds and thousands of acres of forest land that were prairies for many years. Another side argues that these fires were natural and should not be attributed to American tribes.

    However, having been raised in the middle of a wildlife management area (yes, in a house :), I can’t recall that my family ever _once_ witnessed a fire that had been set by lightning or some other natural cause. Of course, on our own land we used controlled burning to help _prevent_ fires from growing uncontrollably, but that was not the practice on the thousands and thousands of untouched acres around us. That’s not to say that fires are never caused by nature, but when the frequency of fires increases in tribes’ vicinities, it is certainly suspect of anthropogenic local-ecosystem modification. (I just made up that last term, I hope it sticks!)

    As for the AGW argument, I find the actual warming not the most troubling aspect. It appears that ours is a now a binary world – an individual is either pro or con. Politics is now a competitive team sport, ripe with trick plays, hail mary’s, propaganda, and outright lies. My own personal belief is that the political left has adopted their AGW arguments in the same fashion that Christianity is fueled by the book of Revelations. Interacting with a staunch “pro-something” will almost always include “facts” to support their own agenda (or intentionally exclude opposing facts), while completely dismissing opposing arguments with extreme prejudice, and objectivity be damned. It certainly doesn’t appear that we’re encroaching rational discussion, but the opposite seems more likely.

    Comment by IsaacD — January 10, 2010 @ 12:18 am | Reply

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