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January 11, 2010

Liberals Circle the Wagons Again in a Blinding Display of Racial Doublestandard

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With the internet and Hollywood abuzz with how racist Republicans are, you might expect the latest story to bring these high-handed liberals to feed one of their own to the wolves to save their image.  Well, I guess that’s because you have a common sense, and a sense of honor that most liberals just say they have.  No one ‘talks the talk’ more than liberals, or fails to ‘walk the walk’ like they do.

The AP reported late in the week on apologies from Democratic leader Harry Reid to the President, for words spoken during the 2008 campaign.  Reid said that Obama could win because the was ‘light-skinned’ and ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one’.  Of course as soon as the AP got a hold of the book that had these quotes, Reid came out and apologized, which begs the question; would he have said anything if those quotes had gone forgotten forever?  Isn’t it the sign of a true penitent if they apologize before the offended even know there is anything to apologize for?

Of course, contrary to what they would have done of it had been a Republican that said it, the Democrats circled the wagons, throwing their support behind the Democratic leader.  Even the congressional black caucus got behind it.  The President accepted the apology, sure as expected, that’s what a president does.  He leaves the punishment up to the people whose responsibility it is to punish.  Where is the censure?  Where are the hearings?  We had to listen to a whole week of rhetoric because a congressman called the President a liar, but nothing here?  Where is Nancy Pelosi to cry about the ‘dangerous rhetoric’?  Where is ‘uber left’ activist Janeane Garofalo who said about the tea-parties:

“a bunch of teabagging rednecks,” adding “this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up.”

Is it only racism if you don’t agree with the person who made the statement?  The last head of the RNC was forced out, by his own party under pressure from Democrats, because he hearkened back to segregation in a speech.  Don’t get me wrong, as far as I am concerned, racism is racism, no matter where it comes from.  I will be just as disgusted next week when it comes out that a Republican said something racist and the Democrats crucify him for it.  I think just about every politician is a scumbag and a liar, but when I see non-politicians like Gerofalo, taking a stand on something, and act like they are better than everyone else because they have something to stand for, it disgusts me when they show their double standard so blatantly.



  1. I go to Daily Kos pretty regularly, and sometimes come across gems like this (http://www.dailykos.com/story/2010/1/18/826332/-Why-Do-Blacks-Continue-To-Support-Obama), obviously inspired by MLK day. Unfortunately, the author’s inspiration spills over into absolute silliness and a rather generous offering of strokes as broad as they come. Any time spent on analysis such trite work may seem wasteful, but it’s always good exercise to review what’s available online and, for some enthusiastic Kos readers, a substitute for the work of experienced journalists.

    While the article itself is disturbingly inarticulate, disorganized, and smells (at best) of a junior high term paper, the comments are absolutely laughable and transparent. Many “tips” are an offer to the author for what the commenter has determined is a “well-written” article that is of high enough intellectual value to be placed on the front of one of the most trafficked and respected liberal web sites. While reading through the comments, I reached the conclusion that many of the posts were the product of some white liberal who felt obligated to offer respect to as many black people as possible on this holiest of days. While I’ve no objection to giving respect where due to MLK, it would generally be considered offensive to be so disingenuous.

    What caught my eye immediately was, given the question “Why do Blacks Support Obama?”, the author boldly lays the claim that “… the Republican party is hostile to black people.” Note the word “hostile”, because that is the only time that it appears in the article. The entire article leaves this claim aloft, without ever revisiting it with proof.

    Further down, we find that searching Google is all that is needed when a query is present. In this case, the question continues in the spirit of the article, “why do blacks support Obama/Democrats?” I’m assuming that the author expected readers to make a sincere effort in reading the many results, most of which (at least those that I did visit) have no concrete evidence that whomever posted the question was indeed a Republican. In fact, the author’s own article appears in the top ten results! Of course, when Google results don’t immediately answer your question, there’s the digital sage of Yahoo! Answers which offer in-depth academic study in controversial topics, such as the following:

    “Parties flip-flop over the years, just like politicians. The Republican Party of today was the Democratic Party of yesteryear, just as the Democratic Party of today was the Republican Party of yesterday. Nothing new about this. In the current era, it is the Democrats that have worked hard for civil rights and equality, and that’s a good reason for blacks to support that party.”

    Given such, I am led to wonder whether the respondent was serious, or simply Teri Schaivo experiencing a rare twitching nerve.

    Showing his sunny side, brooklybadboy, shifts to explaining why blacks are so damned optimistic. Of course, statistics never lie (particularly the Daily Kos poll referenced at the beginning of the article), so the reader is pointed to a CNN poll stating that 53% of blacks are optimistic concerning both the present and future. The survey of almost 2,900 people, or roughly 0.001% of the US population also offers a strange correlation – while black earnings are on the rise, whites are experiencing abysmal financial losses. Are blacks happy that whites are losing money? And given that the poll was conducted October 28 – November 30, 2009, which as we all know was the chronology of the Second Coming, and that the margin of error was +/- 3%, one would be right in questioning why only one out of every two Black Americans considered their future brighter.

    While concluding, brooklynbadboy shoves the spear in Republicans’ backs a little deeper:

    “That is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans idealize the past.”

    Imagine countless hours spenty by pundits, philosophers, lawyers, journalists, and drunken friends pondering and arguing that very distinction. Here, brooklynbadboy succintly provides the answer. And having already established his journalistic integrity, there is no need to offer even the smallest bit of evidence – this is a man we can trust. If brooklynbadboy states it, then it is indeed fact.

    Surprisingly included is a quote from a well-known black poet from Harlem, and a Bible verse from that least-white-sounding-book-name, Amos. Of course, I’ve always been most touched by the wonderful Biblical stories of beasts rising from the sea and eating people, while the four horsemen spread their cheer, but Amos will do.

    Comment by IsaacD — January 19, 2010 @ 7:03 am | Reply

  2. Oh noes! I just realized that this is incorrect,

    “the poll was conducted October 28 – November 30, 2009, which as we all know was the chronology of the Second Coming”

    In fact, the election was in 2008, not 2009. Nonetheless, the spirit of the statement stands.

    Comment by IsaacD — January 19, 2010 @ 4:31 pm | Reply

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