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February 23, 2010

Austin Plane Crash is Terrorism, not Heroism

I know, a little behind here, and I wasn’t going to comment on this at all.  After reading some posts, and articles however I felt compelled to at least try to make a difference.  First of all, terrorism is defined by the destruction of lives or property in an attempt to scare people for political reasons.  Bottom line, end of story, Joseph Stack was a terrorist.  Anyone who refutes that is complicit or blind.  Anyone who calls him a hero is just as deranged.

Now, the reaction from the fringe bloggers on both sides isn’t surprising.  Those nuts out there, who are still fighting the partisan fight, and locked in their own little world of believing one side is more right than the other, deserve what they get.  I won’t even respond to their idiocy, it’s pointless.  My quarrel is with the supposed journalists out there, like Johnathan Capehart at the Washington Post.  He takes this terrorist’s long manifesto, crops it down into four generic paragraphs, leave out anything that would link him to the left side of political ideology and says:

“I am struck by how his alienation is similar to that we’re hearing from the extreme elements of the Tea Party movement.”

How is this guy still a journalist?  How does he still have a job?  I know that almost every journalist lies, or glosses over facts to support their stories, but something so blatant?  It’s not like you have to do weeks of research to find out that Capehart is a fraud, it’s right there, he links to the manifesto in that post.  Even the extreme elements of the Tea Party Movement are about as violent as a Sunday school class.

In a less obvious note Time magazine said:

“The long, rambling rant posted on a website eerily reflected the angry populist sentiments that have swept the country in the past year.”

Sure, they don’t say Tea Party Movement, but we get the picture.  They forget to mention his unpopulist (edited, because someone pointed it out.  To be fair, the spell check in word press does not see an issue with ‘unpopularist’ but ‘unpopulist’ shows up as spelled wrong.)  ideas such as government takeover of health care and his apparent affinity for communism.

This guy, Joseph Stack, was not from any ideological side.  He was not a Republican or Democrat, he wasn’t a Tea Party Patriot, or Left Wing Activist.  He was not a hero, or a patriot, or even simply a disturbed individual.  He was a terrorist that set his house on fire with his wife and kid inside, then crashed a plane into a building that housed federal employees.

The Tea Party Movement as a whole condemns the actions of Stack.  I myself condemn his actions.  We are not violent, we want a revolution of ideas, not violence.  We want change through the constitution, not through explosions.  How many peaceful protests do we need to have before people in the fringe media realize that we are not violent?  Or will they just continue to lie about the Tea Party Movement, and chuckle at their little childish joke when they say teabagger?  How much evidence do they need?

The facts are simple; thousands of people, hundreds of protest, zero arrests, zero property damage.  ZERO.

Tea Party Protest

G20 Protests

Tea Party Protest

Anti-Bush Protest

Comparison of the National Mall after the 9/12 March and after Obama’s Inauguration

I think I have come to the realization that fear is what causes the left to scorn the tea parties and the right to try to embrace them.  For the left…you are right to be afraid, but not from physical violence.  To the right, better that you embrace a nest of vipers, we are on to you too.


February 18, 2010

Washington Must Be Rolling Over!

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Was anyone else as disgusted as I was when President Obama stood in front of the portrait of George Washington and tried to justify his violation of a campaign promise, and a violation of our constitution?  Not sure what I am talking about?  Well let me explain.

First off, George Washington did not want to be President, but he was called by the people to do it.  He reluctantly served because he felt it was his duty to the people.  Now, remember, when he was President there was no limit on the number of terms a President could serve, and many people wanted him to be President for life, but Washington did not want to be king (that is how he saw it if someone were President for life.)  He declined the salary that the constitutional congress voted for him, but finally relented because they were afraid that it would set a precedent that only the wealthy could serve as President (ahhhh the irony).  He declined many noble titles that were presented for the office, saying that Mr. President would be fine.  He did not want anything to appear royal.  He was our only non-party President, believing that political parties would be the undoing of this country (wow, smart guy, wonder where they went?)  Washington was the model of the type of President that everyone should want.  Honest, moral, selfless, honorable, words that are never associated with a politician today.

Now, our President, Barack Obama stood in front of a portrait of that great man, and proved to the American people that he is not honest, has no morals, isn’t selfless, and has no honor.  Here is Obama telling people that he will uphold the constitution, and believes that one branch should not have too much power (coincidentally he also talks about signing statements, which he promised not to do but did.)  So, when congress does not pass a bill to start a commission on debt, the President both violates the constitution, and the separation of powers, and issues an executive order to do just that.

Mr. President (Washington) must be rolling over in his grave.

February 15, 2010

Oh Finally, Another Campaign Season!

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With mid-term elections looming I am preparing for the onslaught of campaign ads.  I am not looking forward to the mud-slinging, finger-pointing, school-yard (or any other hyphenated) games that these clowns play.  Just once I would like to hear a candidate tell me what they would like to do instead of making hollow promises about what they will do.  I would like to see them use the words “I will try,” instead of “I will”.  We all know that no one man or woman can change any law or change government so they need to stop making promises they know they might not be able to fulfill.  Every politician gets beat up for breaking promises the make on the campaign trail, you would think that they would want to avoid that.

Part of changing this falls in our laps though.  We have to stop voting based on promises.  We need to start demanding accountability.

Another thing I would like to see changed is a politician’s tendency to harp on what his opponent is doing wrong.  I want to hear their ideas and positions, not a slam on the other guy.  We need to start rejecting this form of politics.  We need to show our disgust with it, write the candidates, call their offices, if droves of people start demanding a higher level of honor in these things then we might just get a higher level of politician with some of that honor himself.

February 11, 2010

Big Labor Unwittingling Hits the Nail on the Head of What is Wrong With this Country

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John Gage, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said today (among other things):

“People are going to say, ‘Huh? What have the Democrats done for us?'”

He may not realize it, but he has said exactly what is wrong with this country now.  I have a wake-up call for everyone, government isn’t supposed to do anything for us except protect us from foreign threat, domestic threat, and preserve our rights.  Basically they are supposed to make sure you are safe, have a fair shake just like everyone else, and make sure that we stay friendly with as many foreign countries as we can.  Read the constitution folks, it’s all there.

Do you really think that Kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” because he thought it would sound cool years later?  He was one of the few politicians in the last 100 years or so that believe that government wasn’t the solution to all our problems, and responsible for taking care of everyone.  The government is not supposed to take care of you, they are only supposed to make sure you have the same opportunity to take care of yourself that everyone else has.

Robert Gibbs: Just Another Smarmy Elitist Looking Down His Nose at Us

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The Whitehouse Press Secretary is the spokesperson of the Executive branch, in other words the face and voice of the President on a day to day basis.  He or she is responsible for conveying things like schedules, comments on current events, plans the President might have about agenda issues, and answering questions from the press corps.  You would think that a person in that position would be above personally attacking someone.  Robert Gibbs isn’t that type of person though, on several occasions he has attacked dissenters and opponents of the President’s policy on a personal level.  His latest barb was aimed at Sarah Palin, when Gibbs wrote a shopping list on his hand and shared it with the press corps.  If he is the face and voice of the administration we are left to assume that the President also thinks this way, and thinks it’s funny to belittle people.

That makes me think of something else too, when are people on the left going to realize that they are the biggest hypocrites in the world?  Joy Behar and Eve Ensler the other day talking about Palin, going on and on about her policy, calling Tea Party members, ‘people whose intellect hasn’t evolved yet’, and making crude jokes about Palin’s daughter.  You know if a man made a joke like that, on national TV about the daughter of some feminist these two would want to see a hanging.  They have the gall to call us stupid, and Palin stupid, but they think that earthquakes are caused by global warming!  Joy Behar also noted that every scientist believes in global warming…really Joy?  Even the 3500 or more that have signed a document denouncing it?

It’s funny, when we go after the President over policy we are racists, and personally attacking him, but when someone on the left personally attacks Sarah Palin, it’s ok!

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