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February 8, 2010

Presumed Consent and that Pesky Little Constitution

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So, another news story here in our local newspaper brought up presumed consent again.  Looks like Peoria’s state senator Dale Risinger, a republican by the way, is drafting legislation that will require people to opt-out of a program in order to retain their personal liberty.

Let me back up a sec so you guys all understand where I am coming from.  I am a registered donor, I think everyone that can be, should be, but I think that it should be a choice.  I do not believe that giving up personal liberties for the greater good is liberty, or good.

Now, they are masquerading this as constitutional by saying you can opt-out.  Let’s put it another way, let’s say that the government decided that getting a search warrant was just too cumbersome so they enact a presumed consent law.  You would be presumed to have consented to a search of your private property unless you opt-out.  How does that idea sit with you?

Perhaps a better idea would be a better incentive program, or more education about the subject.  I don’t know myself, what the solution should be but I do know that if we keep giving away these small personal freedoms eventually we will wake up one day and find that they are all gone.


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