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February 8, 2010

Supreme Court’s Campaign Finance Decision

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I have been watching this, and thinking on it for a bit now, and a letter in my local newspaper finally got me to write something.  Mr. Parr takes exception with the Supreme Court’s ruling to allow corporations to donate to allow corporations to donate to campaigns, and of course the blind liberal mob rally’s behind his comments.  They all fail to notice the…is it irony?  If you take his letter and replace one word…

“Unions must not be treated as individual people.  Unions are groups given business privileges and responsibilities by governments.  Those favors have created groups having vast wealth and powers spread across our globe, dwarfing any person’s wealth.”

Now we have the same argument, but one that I am sure that liberal’s won’t make.  I myself would push for an across the board ruling that only individuals can donate, no unions, no corporations, conglomerates, etc.  Heck, I have other thoughts about campaign finance that would eliminate the need for donations at all, but that is a much larger argument.  Why is it that progressives talk about fair, but when something is actually made so, they balk at it?


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