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March 24, 2010

James Cameron: Director, childish hypocrite…

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So James Cameron has fallen in step with the latest Hollywood trend of condemning Glenn Beck.  This time it isn’t on policy, or ideology, and James doesn’t even do it in a way that puts him on the moral high-road.  He took a 3 year old joke, in which Glenn said the director of Titanic must be the anti-christ, especially for that Celine Dion song (I agree by the way).  It was clearly a joke, a joke that many of us have told in one form or another.  Trust me, anyone that watches Glenn knows that he doesn’t think James Cameron is actually the anti-christ, that slot is reserved.

James, in his infinite wisdom, called Glenn a F*****ing ***hole.  Then he went on to say that he would like to meet any global warming deniers at high-noon and shoot them.  Well James, that would be me, and about 78% of the country.  Who’s the F***ing ***hole now?  You want to shoot me because I don’t buy the hype?  Your thinly veiled attempt at educating us was pretty, but it was clearly a rip off of Pocahontas (I hope Disney doesn’t take notice), and we saw right through it…in 3D.

Grow up James.  Learn to take a joke.  Come to terms with the fact that like the global cooling hoax of the 70’s the jig is up.  Common sense prevails, and science is soon to follow.  In ten more years you will be the joke, along with all your friends.


March 22, 2010

Local newspaper and Associated Press team up for Liberal bias

I know, today I should be ranting about yesterday’s vote, but what’s done is done.  Now the hard work is ahead of us.  November will be a very telling month.

Now down to the topic.  These two articles ran in the Peoria Journal Star on Sunday, right next to each other.  “Cindy Sheehan arrested as thousands protest wars”, and “Protesters accost lawmakers”. I know, those aren’t links to the PJstar, but the articles on that site are mysteriously absent.

Now, reading the articles separately might lead one to shrug and go on without a second thought.  It’s the fact they were run next to each other that sparked my interest.  First note how there were ‘thousands ‘ of anti-war protesters, but only ‘at least hundreds’ of Tea Party protesters.  The articles claimed that the anti-war protesters clogged the streets and sidewalks, rushed lawmakers, were angry, shouting, etc.  That’s the first article that clearly states the actions of the anti-war protesters.  Now the second article doesn’t even make mention of the anti-war protesters, but it carefully dances around actually accusing the Tea Party members of anything.    Alan Fram, who wrote the second article, expects us to believe that the Tea Part members, for the first time ever, were disrupting traffic, hurling racial slurs, spitting, and accosting lawmakers?  He is very specific about their signs, but not so specific about their actions.

Isn’t it more likely that the group that actually had arrests, the anti-war protesters, were the ones doing all the real accosting?  Those code-pink members, and other anti-war protesters, are well-known for their borderline violent actions.  Their hateful behavior.  When was the last time a Tea Party member was arrested?  Oh yeah, never.  When was the last time one covered their hands in blood and ‘accosted’ a federal official?  Oh, never.  When was the last time a Tea Party member protested at a funeral for a soldier?  Hmm, never.  Isn’t it more likely that Alan Fram, and other liberal ‘journalists’ used the dual protests as a way to finally lay fault at the feet of the Tea Party movement?

While I believe that the Tea Party can sometimes be a little non-PC with their signs, I do not believe they would put themselves physically in the way of others like the article describes.  I just can’t believe that the movement would make a total 180 from their core principles, and their exemplary behavior of the past.  Even the picture the PJStar ran next to the article just shows the Tea Party members standing on a lawn holding signs.  They don’t even look like a mob in the picture.  I challenge Alan Fram (should it be sham) to back up his article with video, or at least a photo.  Show me that it isn’t some bleeding heart liberal in a code-pink tee-shirt spitting on a congressman.

March 18, 2010

They say it’s to help, but recycling law is shutting down small business!

Illinois passed a law a couple of years ago that went totally under the radar.  It was initially called Illinois Senate Bill 2313, but was twisted and reformed into Public Act 095-0959.  It claims to help keep TVs, Computers, and other ‘toxic’ electronics out of landfills.  That sounds like a good idea, but it isn’t exactly as sold.  In reality it is a huge tax and penalty law that forces manufacturers and retailers to register with the state, pay fees, and offer more services.  It isn’t incentive that helps, it is punishment that kills business.  Worse yet, it kills small business, and that is a fact I will show after my obligatory statement that I am not evil.

Obligatory statement that I am not evil:

I think recycling is great, as a matter of fact I am the only one on my street with TWO red recycling buckets and regularly fills them up every week.  I advocate a European law that says you pay your garbage bill based on weight, but recycling is free (yes that means the more you recycle the less your garbage bill is).  I get pissed off that my town doesn’t take glass anymore.  I think everyone should do it, but just because I think that doesn’t mean I can go to my neighbors without red buckets and force them to recycle.  It has shown time and time again that results are better had with incentives than taxes.

Now, back to the diatribe.  Why don’t I like this law?  The spirit (and spirit only) is great.  Manufacturers and retailers getting together to educate the public on recycling, offer recycling options, and the like.  That sounds great.  The flip side though, is those same manufacturers and retailers are forced to pay fees, and fines if people don’t recycle.  Essentially they are being punished because the public is too lazy to take their old TV to be recycled and instead throws it in the garbage.  Granted these businesses have the money, but on top of all the other fines, fees, penalties, and taxes that are in place and are coming in future legislation, eventually Illinois could turn into Michigan with businesses flocking away instead of toward.

Now, how it kills business.  Section 50 in the public act says that recyclers must register and pay $2000 a year adjusted by inflation. Now this may not be much for a huge recycling company that takes in tons of material and sells off the useful by-product, but for small refurbishers like the Computer Recycler in Peoria that is a huge fee. As a matter of fact I have it from a reliable source that in order to meet that bill they would have to sell 55 refurbished computers. That’s just to pay the fee, before they start making any money on them. That has caused this business to change from recycling old computers to building new ones. So, instead of those old machines getting a second go-around, they will go to the recycler and become who-knows-what. I hope that the CR survives in the demanding market of custom PC sales.

March 15, 2010

National I.D. and Nationalized Schools

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This stuff is just scary, but for me even more so.  Some of you may know that I am a writer, and while my first book is sitting in the limbo of the ‘finding an agent/publisher’ stage I am working on my second one.  I don’t want to give too much away but it involves a future that is beginning to look more and more likely.

So why are these bad?  Let’s start with the first proposal out of congress.  National I.D. card, with biometric information.  It’s intended to restrict illegal citizens from getting jobs here, but, most people who are shady enough to hire illegals aren’t going to check for I.D. cards so it really won’t stop that at all.  All it’s going to do is punish law-abiding citizens by making them carry an I.D. card.  An I.D. card with their personal, and private information attached.  People who have committed no crime are going to have to be finger printed.  The slippery slope is long, and lined with razor-sharp rocks on this one.  This will violate personal privacy to no end, and allow the government to keep tabs on us on a whole new level.  “Ihre Papiere, Bitte” sound familiar to anyone?  If not, ask your grandparents, or better yet a Jewish person that was in Europe about…oh the 1940’s.

Nationalized schools, another proposal coming out of congress right now.  Every school in the U.S. on the same standard, same textbooks, same tests, same everything.  Sounds great right?  Right?  Not in a million years.  Let’s start with the obvious, whose standards?  Do we go with the standards of Texas schools which are doing fine?  Or California schools, which are in the crapper?  I have gone to schools all over the country and I can tell you that this one won’t be easy to figure out.  I went to a school in Georgia that put less emphasis on physical education, by the time you are in High School if you aren’t active no amount of P.E. is going to help, and more concentration on academics.  My brother attended a High School in Illinois that required 4 years of P.E.  Which one is better?  Well as it stands now it doesn’t matter.  If a parent doesn’t like one system then can move, or bus their student to another.  I believe it was Reagan that defined it as ‘voting with your feet’ (though the saying might be older).  I feel this is a terrible idea, just like our President throwing more money at the problem.  Can we stop that please?

Pay attention to these two issues.  I don’t think they have a chance of passing, but with this highly progressive administration anything is possible.  Keep on your representative and make sure that they don’t take these two bites out of our freedom.

March 9, 2010

2010 Census: Our Tax Dollars at Work

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So I was stumped yesterday when I received a letter in the mail from the Census Bureau.  I am sure that all of you received one as well, so I don’t have to quote it or anything.  Doesn’t it strike you as a massive waste of our tax payer money to send out a letter, warning you that you are going to get a census form in one week?  Seriously, the letter doesn’t have any important information in it.  Weren’t the advertisements all over TV, radio, and the Super Bowl enough?

The last line made me laugh a little:

“Without a complete, accurate census, your community may not receive its fair share.”

Does anyone believe, anymore, that anything government does is fair?  Do you believe that all it takes is an accurate count to make it fair?  It has nothing to do with the census, but everything to do with how much your congressman or senator is willing to bend over for the regime in power.  I for one would like less than our fair share.  Take care of the immediate needs, but all this extra bull that my congressman is bringing home?  Send it back Aaron Schock.  Well, at least mine isn’t willing to sell his vote on the very important legislation, he does have that going for him.

So anyway, I am going to write the director of the census bureau, ask him to respond via e-mail (no more wasting my money), and demand he explain himself.  I will keep you guys posted, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  These clowns forgot a long time ago whose money it was they were spending.

So after writing this, I found a spot at the census bureau’s website where they try to justify it.

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