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March 9, 2010

2010 Census: Our Tax Dollars at Work

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So I was stumped yesterday when I received a letter in the mail from the Census Bureau.  I am sure that all of you received one as well, so I don’t have to quote it or anything.  Doesn’t it strike you as a massive waste of our tax payer money to send out a letter, warning you that you are going to get a census form in one week?  Seriously, the letter doesn’t have any important information in it.  Weren’t the advertisements all over TV, radio, and the Super Bowl enough?

The last line made me laugh a little:

“Without a complete, accurate census, your community may not receive its fair share.”

Does anyone believe, anymore, that anything government does is fair?  Do you believe that all it takes is an accurate count to make it fair?  It has nothing to do with the census, but everything to do with how much your congressman or senator is willing to bend over for the regime in power.  I for one would like less than our fair share.  Take care of the immediate needs, but all this extra bull that my congressman is bringing home?  Send it back Aaron Schock.  Well, at least mine isn’t willing to sell his vote on the very important legislation, he does have that going for him.

So anyway, I am going to write the director of the census bureau, ask him to respond via e-mail (no more wasting my money), and demand he explain himself.  I will keep you guys posted, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.  These clowns forgot a long time ago whose money it was they were spending.

So after writing this, I found a spot at the census bureau’s website where they try to justify it.



  1. When Barak Hussein Obama ( real name Barry Soetorro ) releases his medical records, college records, thesis and Kenyan birth certificate, the census will get to learn how many people live in my home and if the home is owned or rented. Until then, he and the rest of his communist buddies can eat the corn out of my shit.

    Comment by Dave in NY — March 19, 2010 @ 3:29 am | Reply

  2. The birth certificate issue is dead, and frankly asinine. Through the legal process of our country and constitution, the supreme court, his birth certificate from Hawaii is valid and legal. There are a lot of things we can bring against this President and his staff, but if we are going to argue with the Constitution at our backs then we also need to be the first to uphold its spirit and laws. Besides, just because we believe that someone is violating the Constitution does not give us the right to do it as well. Aren’t you tired of the ‘well they did it first’ argument in Washington? This Deem and Pass rule that the Democrats are using and the Republicans are whining about. The Dems just say, ‘well they do it too’, which is true. One side or the other needs to stop with that and say, ‘No more, this garbage stops here!’ Let’s have the courage to be the ones that start that, outside of politics. We need to follow the same Constitution that we demand they follow, or what right do we have to hold them to it. The Constitution says that the populace must be counted. Now it doesn’t say that the long form is appropriate, and that is another matter entirely, but the short form of the census is legal, constitutional, and if we want our elected officials to follow our founding document, then we need to do it too.

    Comment by disgruntledpatriot — March 19, 2010 @ 8:14 am | Reply

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