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March 15, 2010

National I.D. and Nationalized Schools

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This stuff is just scary, but for me even more so.  Some of you may know that I am a writer, and while my first book is sitting in the limbo of the ‘finding an agent/publisher’ stage I am working on my second one.  I don’t want to give too much away but it involves a future that is beginning to look more and more likely.

So why are these bad?  Let’s start with the first proposal out of congress.  National I.D. card, with biometric information.  It’s intended to restrict illegal citizens from getting jobs here, but, most people who are shady enough to hire illegals aren’t going to check for I.D. cards so it really won’t stop that at all.  All it’s going to do is punish law-abiding citizens by making them carry an I.D. card.  An I.D. card with their personal, and private information attached.  People who have committed no crime are going to have to be finger printed.  The slippery slope is long, and lined with razor-sharp rocks on this one.  This will violate personal privacy to no end, and allow the government to keep tabs on us on a whole new level.  “Ihre Papiere, Bitte” sound familiar to anyone?  If not, ask your grandparents, or better yet a Jewish person that was in Europe about…oh the 1940’s.

Nationalized schools, another proposal coming out of congress right now.  Every school in the U.S. on the same standard, same textbooks, same tests, same everything.  Sounds great right?  Right?  Not in a million years.  Let’s start with the obvious, whose standards?  Do we go with the standards of Texas schools which are doing fine?  Or California schools, which are in the crapper?  I have gone to schools all over the country and I can tell you that this one won’t be easy to figure out.  I went to a school in Georgia that put less emphasis on physical education, by the time you are in High School if you aren’t active no amount of P.E. is going to help, and more concentration on academics.  My brother attended a High School in Illinois that required 4 years of P.E.  Which one is better?  Well as it stands now it doesn’t matter.  If a parent doesn’t like one system then can move, or bus their student to another.  I believe it was Reagan that defined it as ‘voting with your feet’ (though the saying might be older).  I feel this is a terrible idea, just like our President throwing more money at the problem.  Can we stop that please?

Pay attention to these two issues.  I don’t think they have a chance of passing, but with this highly progressive administration anything is possible.  Keep on your representative and make sure that they don’t take these two bites out of our freedom.


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