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March 22, 2010

Local newspaper and Associated Press team up for Liberal bias

I know, today I should be ranting about yesterday’s vote, but what’s done is done.  Now the hard work is ahead of us.  November will be a very telling month.

Now down to the topic.  These two articles ran in the Peoria Journal Star on Sunday, right next to each other.  “Cindy Sheehan arrested as thousands protest wars”, and “Protesters accost lawmakers”. I know, those aren’t links to the PJstar, but the articles on that site are mysteriously absent.

Now, reading the articles separately might lead one to shrug and go on without a second thought.  It’s the fact they were run next to each other that sparked my interest.  First note how there were ‘thousands ‘ of anti-war protesters, but only ‘at least hundreds’ of Tea Party protesters.  The articles claimed that the anti-war protesters clogged the streets and sidewalks, rushed lawmakers, were angry, shouting, etc.  That’s the first article that clearly states the actions of the anti-war protesters.  Now the second article doesn’t even make mention of the anti-war protesters, but it carefully dances around actually accusing the Tea Party members of anything.    Alan Fram, who wrote the second article, expects us to believe that the Tea Part members, for the first time ever, were disrupting traffic, hurling racial slurs, spitting, and accosting lawmakers?  He is very specific about their signs, but not so specific about their actions.

Isn’t it more likely that the group that actually had arrests, the anti-war protesters, were the ones doing all the real accosting?  Those code-pink members, and other anti-war protesters, are well-known for their borderline violent actions.  Their hateful behavior.  When was the last time a Tea Party member was arrested?  Oh yeah, never.  When was the last time one covered their hands in blood and ‘accosted’ a federal official?  Oh, never.  When was the last time a Tea Party member protested at a funeral for a soldier?  Hmm, never.  Isn’t it more likely that Alan Fram, and other liberal ‘journalists’ used the dual protests as a way to finally lay fault at the feet of the Tea Party movement?

While I believe that the Tea Party can sometimes be a little non-PC with their signs, I do not believe they would put themselves physically in the way of others like the article describes.  I just can’t believe that the movement would make a total 180 from their core principles, and their exemplary behavior of the past.  Even the picture the PJStar ran next to the article just shows the Tea Party members standing on a lawn holding signs.  They don’t even look like a mob in the picture.  I challenge Alan Fram (should it be sham) to back up his article with video, or at least a photo.  Show me that it isn’t some bleeding heart liberal in a code-pink tee-shirt spitting on a congressman.


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