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March 24, 2010

James Cameron: Director, childish hypocrite…

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So James Cameron has fallen in step with the latest Hollywood trend of condemning Glenn Beck.  This time it isn’t on policy, or ideology, and James doesn’t even do it in a way that puts him on the moral high-road.  He took a 3 year old joke, in which Glenn said the director of Titanic must be the anti-christ, especially for that Celine Dion song (I agree by the way).  It was clearly a joke, a joke that many of us have told in one form or another.  Trust me, anyone that watches Glenn knows that he doesn’t think James Cameron is actually the anti-christ, that slot is reserved.

James, in his infinite wisdom, called Glenn a F*****ing ***hole.  Then he went on to say that he would like to meet any global warming deniers at high-noon and shoot them.  Well James, that would be me, and about 78% of the country.  Who’s the F***ing ***hole now?  You want to shoot me because I don’t buy the hype?  Your thinly veiled attempt at educating us was pretty, but it was clearly a rip off of Pocahontas (I hope Disney doesn’t take notice), and we saw right through it…in 3D.

Grow up James.  Learn to take a joke.  Come to terms with the fact that like the global cooling hoax of the 70’s the jig is up.  Common sense prevails, and science is soon to follow.  In ten more years you will be the joke, along with all your friends.


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