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April 3, 2010

Finally! Congressman Hare of Illinois speaks the truth we have always known.

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Finally a Congressman, Democrat Phil Hare of Illinois, speaks the truth.  You can tell in this video that he didn’t mean to say what he did, but he said it and continued to dig his hole.  The fact that he tried to defend it cements the fact that his words are the truth of his heart and soul.  How many others feel the same way but have been tight-lipped about it?  It is clear in the video that Hare doesn’t care about the constitution, doesn’t know what it says, and believes the health care bill will bring insurance to everyone (contrary to every expert, even his own part that says it won’t give everyone insurance, just about 95%).  He is a liar and a fool, a very dangerous combination.

I was stunned by the video, not because of what he said, but that he said it.  They have been so good about showing they care nothing for the constitution, but not saying it, I was amazed when one was caught.  It also amazes me that he said he read the bill three times, a feat in itself, but he doesn’t know the constitution.  His own words, when asked where it says the government has the authority to force us to purchase something, “I don’t know.”  IT’S 14 PAGES LONG YOU WORTHLESS PUKE.  When printed on 8.5×11 paper in 12 pt font the constitution and bill of rights is 14 pages.  They should read those 14 pages every day, we should make sure they have a copy of those 14 pages in their office.  An idea just came upon me.  We should send Hare, and every other congressman a copy of the constitution.  All of us, maybe if they get hundreds of copies they might get the point.  I digress though.  This puke says he read the health care bill three times.  Over 8000 pages, but he can’t read 14, or memorize the section that pertains to his office?

It’s time they go, all of the lazy, greedy, power-hungry, un-American pukes in office.  It’s time we held them to their oath!

I thought I would dig around so I found another.

Pelosi laughs off constitution.

Update:  Hare released an ‘explanation’ to try and defend himself.  He tries to say that he meant he wasn’t worried whether the bill was unconstitutional or not.  But that’s not what he said.  He said he isn’t worried about the constitution.  He also misquoted it and doesn’t know what it says according to his own words on video.  His press release also mentions the Massachusetts mandate but he again shows his stupidity.  The Mass Mandate isn’t unconstitutional because the constitution doesn’t pertain to states.  The reason we have specific restrictions on the federal government and not states is because you can move to another state if you don’t like it.  If Mass residents don’t like the slavery of an individual mandate they can move.  If the fed puts this on us, what do we do?  His explanation falls short, and works on the assumption that we are stupid.  We are watching you Hare, your days in power are over.


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