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April 13, 2010

We the People: The Patriot Papers April 2010 Issue

“But ambitious encroachments of the federal government, on the authority of the State governments, would not excite the opposition of a single State, or of a few States only. They would be signals of general alarm… But what degree of madness could ever drive the federal government to such an extremity.”

James Madison, Federalist No. 46, January 29, 1788

What madness indeed?  Many States have recently seen a usurpation of their constitutional rights, but only a few are fighting back.  Ever wonder why that is?  I believe I know why.  My state, Illinois, is on the hook for billions of dollars borrowed from the federal government.  Perhaps our politicians think it unwise to bite the hand that feeds, but I contend that we should have bitten that hand for offering in the first place.

States should not be borrowing from the federal government for that very reason.  On the same note, the above is why our nation shouldn’t be borrowing from China.

There was a time when States and their citizens thought of themselves as independent, almost as if each State was a separate country.  What happened

to that?  Is it because so many of us move around that we lose our identity as citizens?  I have moved around a lot, and can’t count any one State as my home, but I live in Illinois, so my concerns are as an Illinoisan and I can say that my State is right there in the government’s pocket.  Our legislators are running this State just like our federal government runs the country.  Too much spending, waste, corruption, budget crippling entitlements, and the list goes on.  They won’t fight for our rights by standing with other States against the health care bill.  It’s as if our State government is more loyal to the President than their citizens.

We need to demand that our States defend their sovereignty and our rights.  It’s time we demand they do their jobs.  As I have stated before, use your votes.  Impose term limits, and hold them accountable to the State constitutions.  The State is supposed to be our first line of defense against government intrusion and tyranny; it’s time we reminded them of that.

Our local governments have lost their way, in some cases more so than the federal government.  Local politicians have grown complacent, confident that their constituents pay more attention to national elections than those at home.  If we expect them to more responsible representatives then we need to remind them we are watching.  Reforming our nation will have to start at home.

I challenge all of you to participate more.  Go to local city council meetings.  Talk to your local officials, including city, county, and state.  Let them know you are knowledgeable about what is going on.  Let them know we did not elect them so we could sit back and let them run things for us.  We all need to stop thinking of our part in politics as a ‘fire and forget’ kind of event.

What can you do?  Read and write to start with.  Read your State constitution, as well as the federal one.  Write your representative and let them know you are on to them.  Remind them that they work for us.  They are beholden to the electorate just as much as federal politicians are.  Demand that they protect you from a federal government out of control.  If our States won’t protect us then we are left with only each other.  Their jobs and the State government are just as susceptible to replacement as the federal government is.

Another important responsibility lies with our elected Senators and Congressmen in D.C.  Write or call them, and tell them to stop bringing money home.  Large amounts of government spending goes to states in the form of ear marks, or ‘pork’.  It is wasteful on the federal level, and like a drug on the local scene.  States rely on this funding to meet budget shortfalls that they should make regardless.

Finally, get involved and learn.  Whether it is Tea Party rallies, or just discussions with friends, we need to stop being afraid to talk about politics.  If the people you talk to are closed-minded then leave them be, they aren’t worth your time.  We have to stop the harmful divisiveness and get back to our principles of honest and open debate.  We may not all agree on everything, but I bet we all agree on freedom.


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