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April 15, 2010

Crash the Tea Party? Does this group help or hurt?

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Ok, I heard about this group yesterday (yeah I know, I am slow).  It’s Crash the Tea Party! Here is what they are about, in their own words:

“By infiltrating the Tea Party itself!  In an effort to propagate their pre-existing propensity for paranoia (who wrote this Dr. Seuss?[not actual quote my own question]) and suspicion…We have already sat quietly in their meetings, and observed their rallies.

Whenever possible, we will act on behalf of the Tea Party in ways which will exaggerate their least appealing qualities (misspelled protest signs, wild claims in TV interviews, etc.) to further distance them from mainstream America and damage the public’s opinion of them.  We will also use the inside information we have gained in order to disrupt and derail their plans.”

At first I was mad that a group would intentionally and maliciously defame anyone, whether they agreed with them or not.  Then I thought about it, these clowns have given the best PR explanation for the few fringe nuts that DO show up at Tea Part rallies.  Some idiot shows up with a racist sign “Hey look, it’s one of those ‘Crash the Tea Party’ idiots.”  It can work on so many other levels.

The group really is a joke.  They claim to use secret code, which they explain on their website and use on their twitter page.  The only thing they are keeping secret is where they are meeting, but they are open about which rallies they are going to show up at.  I hope to see problems at these locations so I can link right back to their site.  They claim to be made up of Republicans, Liberals, and Democrats but if you look at who they follow on Twitter you will notice a plethora of Liberal candy.  MSNBC talking heads, left-wing groups, etc.  Their forums are a joke, full of hate, bias, and racism, all from their members directed at Tea Party activists that try to engage them in discussion.  They claim that the Tea Party is just a bunch of liars, fake grass roots, etc. yet not one of them seems to be able to hold a viable discussion, or make a logical counter-argument.

This group won’t last, nor have any effect, because they aren’t grounded in the truth.  They are hypocrites and liars, promoting the same.  They claim to want what’s good for America but don’t blink about using un-American tactics to achieve their goals.  Instead of engaging in civil discussion they would rather use fraud, defamation, lies, etc.  They use this tactic because they have no point to discuss.  They can’t argue that they support the progressive movement that strives to change our country into something completely different.  They can’t argue the current administration’s socialist tendencies, because when given the evidence it is irrefutable.  They can’t grasp the concept that the Tea Party movement isn’t about getting Republicans elected, but about getting responsible constitutional representatives in office.  The Tea Party will stick to their values, and since they are grounded in truth they will survive, and thrive.

Fear looks bad on you liberals, time for a change of outfit.  Once you realize that we aren’t here to destroy the Democrat party maybe you will join us.  We are here to separate the progressive party from the Republicans AND Democrats and squash the former.  We are here to protect everyone’s freedom from government expansion that will bankrupt this country and lead to totalitarianism.  Pay attention liberals we are about to show you how American’s really fight for something.


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