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April 16, 2010

Tea Parties play in Peoria

Filed under: Sick and Tired — Trever Bierschbach @ 6:05 am

So I went to my first Tea Party rally yesterday, it was a good time.  There were hundreds there from all over the state, including one man I talked to from Chicago.  Surprisingly the event got a pretty fair shake from the local media, but the national media claims are way off base.  First of all, they say that the majority are old white dudes.  Let’s take a logical step back for a second.  The majority of this country is made up of old white dudes.  If you took a slice of any community, you would have mostly old white dudes.  When you get together in a group that gathers diverse support chances are you will have mostly old white dudes.  So now that logic is out there (the fringe liberal media doesn’t know what that is, you have to help them), let’s blow their other claims out of the water.  I saw lots of women, young couples, kids from toddlers to college students.  Black, white, asian, hispanic, and jewish communities were represented.  I saw young kids with their own signs and not being dragged around by parents.

The other media lie to be blown away yesterday was the violent, racist, anti-government sentiment.  There was no violence, not even a police presence.  The whole event had an air of a family reunion, or community barbecue.  I did not see one racist sign, tee shirt, or hear one racist word yesterday.  There were no anti-government sentiments at all, as a matter of fact speakers from government were there and weren’t booed.  A constitutional studies teacher was there, talking about the importance of limited taxes, the constitutionality of (or lack thereof) taxes, and even said the census was important.  One thing he didn’t say (which pisses me off in the commercials) is anything about the census being for ‘getting your community’s fair share.  He said the census was important because one of the matches that set of our revolution was ‘no taxation without representation’, and the census makes sure we have proper representation.

All in all it was a good time. I learned a lot, and was encouraged by the turnout. There were no anti-Tea Party protesters, nor idiot infiltrators that I could see. I met some nice people, with good ideas, and great heart. I encourage everyone to visit a rally sometime, even as an observer. You will find them to be the most accepting, good-natured, tolerant people in this country, and contrary to what the fringe media tells you, they want what’s best for everyone, not just the rich.


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