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April 19, 2010

The ‘Pass it just don’t read it’ strategy has backfired on Democrats

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Ok, in case you hadn’t heard the fringe media outlet New York Times ran a piece about the wonderful Health Car bill and how it may affect congressmen and their staffers.  It seems that the bill has them forced to become part of the same exchanges they foisted on us.  Sounds reasonable right?  Problem is they forget to set a date for them to be booted from their current, cushy health insurance.  See, if congress doesn’t set a date in a bill, then the bill takes effect right away.  Perhaps they should have read the bill!

Now they are scrambling to fix it, which I am of two minds about.  Their staffers who did not vote on the bill will also be affected, and that doesn’t sit will with me.  On the other hand should they be allowed to fix a passed bill every time they find something they screwed up?  Should they be able to fix stuff that screws them?  What if something in the bill, oh I don’t know, costs an American company millions of dollars a year more than they were paying before?  What if something in the bill puts a non-profit insurance company out of business and costs a community millions in grants and funding provided by said non-profit?  What if that bill has an illegal, unconstitutional mandate that violates my personal freedom to choose how I spend my money?  Oh yeah, it has all of those.  Can we go through and fix those as well?

I think the law should stand as they wrote it (oh wait, they didn’t write it, another violation of the constitution) and passed it (without reading it) and they should have to enroll in medicare/medicaid for the intervening years.  Maybe a few years in the system they love so much may give them some perspective.


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