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April 20, 2010

Waxman cancels the dog and pony show

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It seems last Wednesday Henry Waxman (D-Hollywood) realized he didn’t have a case against some of the country’s largest companies who claim that the health care bill is going to cost them a lot of money.  He sent out a memo to saying that the hearings were being canceled at the request of the companies to give them more time to re-figure their accounts.  In the memo he cites a business round table that claims the health care bill, if implemented properly, would help businesses.  Problem with that is according to sources that round table was not about the health care bill that was passed, but was working on a speculative health care reform that included many provisions that are not in the actual passed legislation.  Reading the memo it looks more like Waxman’s staff, after receiving the documents requested before the hearing in these letters, found that the companies were right.  Waxman must have seen the potential for embarrassment.

So in summary our politicians were trying to demonize business for their own agenda again.  Waxman intentionally misquoted, misread, or outright lied about a study to back up his claims.  He demanded the proof before the hearing, so that they could make a case against these companies and further the liberal, anti-business agenda.  Staffers reading the papers from these companies realized that their claims are accurate, and in a face-saving maneuver Waxman cancels the hearing.  Got it?  Good.

Hollywood, please vote this clown out of office!

(two links to read more:  Big Government and Fox Business)


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