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April 22, 2010

Congressman Gutierrez joins Hare in telling the truth about Democrats

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Now we have two congressmen, both out of Illinois, willing to tell the truth about how Democrats feel when it comes to the law and the Constitution.  Remember Hare, who said he doesn’t care about the Constitution?  Well now we have Gutierrez who says that the majority shouldn’t rule, and that state’s rights don’t matter.  He seems to believe that all federal policy preempts all state laws.  Has he not read the constitution?  Federal policy only preempts state laws when those rights are granted to the federal government by the Constitution, otherwise those rights are reserved to the states.  Besides, the federal government does have a law concerning immigration, and it is a crime to be in this country illegally, but the federal government won’t enforce it.  Arizona has dealt with a massive rise in violent crime directly related to criminals from Mexico, and the state is doing what the federal government won’t do to protect their citizens.

Gutierrez is also among Democrats that suggest the federal government withhold money from Arizona.  Now while I am a believer that states shouldn’t be taking money from the fed anyway, it isn’t right to punish a state for exercising their constitutional right.  If a corrupt organization like ACORN can get its funding turned back on, and be defended by Democrats, isn’t it a little hypocritical to call for the defunding of Arizona?  Oh, that’s right, we are talking about politicians here.  They wouldn’t recognize hypocrisy if it bit them in the face.

The real kicker (and of course I can’t find video of it) is when the Fox anchor asked Gutierrez about the poll.  70% of people in Arizona favor the immigration law, and when asked if this should be taken into account he actually said (paraphrasing here) “The majority isn’t always right.”  In other words he doesn’t agree in majority rule.  He really thinks that if a law is supported by the majority and passed the proper points of legislature (it passed the state legislature with bi-partisan support) it shouldn’t be upheld.  This Democrat is either brave enough, or stupid enough to confirm what we already know.  Many politicians think they know better than us.  That is why they could force the health care bill down our throats when a majority didn’t want it.  In the words of this crook “The majority isn’t always right.”

Vote this clown out Illinois!


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