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April 26, 2010

Biden gets off free in Peoria, Palin and Schock pay freely

Ok, if you are local you will remember Bush’s visit to Peoria a couple of years ago to help raise money for Aaron Schock.  The cost to the city was brought up, the city demanded reimbursement, and Schock paid.  This sounds all well and good right?  If someone visits, and costs the city money, someone other than the taxpayer should foot the bill.  I am all for that.  Now, here is what I am not for…Jim Ardis was asked about Obama’s trip to CAT last year, and who would pay.  He said:

“the cost of public services during Obama’s visit on Thursday will not be an issue. He said the issue last July [Bush’s trip] involved a political fundraiser.”

Ok, get it?  Since Bush’s trip was a fundraiser, someone should have to pay.  Since Obama’s trip wasn’t a fundraiser it was fine for the taxpayer to foot the bill for added security and other expenses.

Now fast forward to a couple of weeks ago.  Joe Biden visits Peoria for a, wait for it…fund raising event at the center for prevention of abuse.  It cost the city an estimated $43,000 in extra costs for the visit.  Now, at this point you are probably thinking that someone is going to cover it right?  I mean, it’s a fundraiser.  Mayor Ardis said that’s the criteria right?  Well, you would be wrong, the taxpayer is expected to pick this one up.

Also a couple of weeks ago was Palin’s visit to Five Points Washington.  She spoke to a sold-out crowd of 1,100 to kick off Five Points leadership series.  Now, this wasn’t a fundraiser right?  This was a seminar, so according to Jim Ardis the city should have to cover it.  Well, if it were in Peoria I guess.  Maybe since it was in Washington and not Peoria…oh well it doesn’t matter because it was arranged with the city ahead of time, and Five Points Washington paid the city for the added security.

You see, fundraiser or not, there is one common criteria here.  If the visiting head of state is a Democrat, Peoria is all fine and good with the citizens footing tens of thousands of dollars for security.  If they are a Republican however, they better pay their own way.  Funny because Ardis is a Republican Mayor, you would think that he would be concerned about everyone paying so that his city could remain fiscally responsible.  Maybe he signed up for the wrong party.



  1. […] an apparently local blogger who thinks the Joe Biden should have been forced to reimburse the city over the cost of his visit to Peoria and thinks Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis isn’t standing up for the Republican Party. You see, […]

    Pingback by Someone is disgruntled with Ardis over failure to charge Biden for police protection | Peoria Pundit — April 26, 2010 @ 10:38 am | Reply

  2. What you don’t get (or conveniently overlook) is that Bush’s visit was a political fundraiser. Biden’s visit was not. No funds raised benefited Biden/Obama; he came here at the request of LaHood and other locals to help out the Center For Prevention of Abuse. Based on your rant, I would presume then that you would demand the CFPoA reimburse the city? Do you see how silly you look when you overlook the facts? This is something too many people (R’s, D’s and especially tea partyers) do these days. And all it results in is misinformation and a lot of hot air. Please, do everyone a favor and stick to the facts and logic; you’ll be happy you did!

    Comment by Peoria Dude — April 26, 2010 @ 10:24 pm | Reply

  3. I am quite aware of the difference, and you seem quite unaware of my point. Before Bush’s visit politicians were never charged to visit Peoria. The city set a precedent with that. I was against it then, as I would be against Biden being charged now. The whole argument two years ago was not that Bush was here for a political fundraiser, but that he was here at all. There was no distinction at the time. You question whether the center should reimburse the city? No, but should it have been figured into the costs? Sure, why not? How much were tickets to the event? 50, 75, and 150 bucks. How many people attended? 1,100. How much extra would each ticket have to have been to cover the cost? Depends, set up like our progressive tax scale they could have charged 50, 80, and 250 dollars.

    I don’t think that any visiting head of state should be charged, they haven’t in the past, except once. It’s a terrible precedent to set, which could discourage visits. You have to ask though, when Candidate Obama visited cities on his trips did they charge him for added security? No, nor did they charge McCain. Those were political trips.

    My whole point was fair is fair. If the city is going to pitch a fit because a visitor needs costly protection, then they should pitch a fit across the board or not at all.

    Comment by disgruntledpatriot — April 26, 2010 @ 10:40 pm | Reply

  4. A fundraiser is a fundraiser, and yes, Peoria has many charities it cannot afford to spend $43,000 on. The Center for the Prevention of Abuse just made a lot of money. They paid for food. They should pay for security too. Or the city of Peoria should give every charity that does good work an equal $43,000.

    To the sanctimonious second commenter, campaigning is an integral part of democracy and that is pretty damn important on a fundamental level. To equate that with something unseemly is biased. I have no doubt that if it was Obama coming for a political fundraiser the hypocrites would spin it as “oh well Obama is enlightened and Bush was not, so Obama doesn’t have to pay.

    Schock had to reimburse the city about $40,000 for Bush’s protection. A precedent was set. It is simply Orwellian to now “deem” Biden’s visit official. As if that changes anything. The Biden event was a fundraiser that was closed to anyone not willing to pay. Same as Schock’s event. Anyone could have attended Schock’s event if they were willing to pay the ticket price. In the same vein, yes, anyone could attend the Biden fundraiser IF they were willing to pay the ticket price.

    Contrary to what the JS editorial board said, Bush made significant public policy comments, speaking for 45 minutes. Their flawed logic in considering the Bush and Biden events as totally different amounts to nothing more than a crafty double standard. One event meets their high brow “public policy” litmus test while the Bush event was merely democracy in action.

    Both the Bush and Biden events were FUNDRAISERS.

    Biden and LaHood both bragged during the speech of how much money the event raised. Their remarks both made it abundantly clear that the reason the Vice President was here was for a fundraiser. The Vice President was not making a nationwide tour on domestic violence issues. LaHood said his son Darren who is on the Center’s board asked him to get the Vice President for a fundraiser.

    For the Bush visit, the point made by city council members, newspaper editorials, newspaper articles, letters to the editor and numerous blog comments was that it was not fair to cost the city for the activities of one candidate, even if that involved protecting the President of the United States. That point is no less valid now. The City of Peoria is financially hurting more now than two years ago. There are hundreds of admirable charities that do good work in Peoria. But one–the Center for Prevention–just made a financial killing from an expensive fundraiser with the Vice President, and that event cost the city $45,000. Which is an amount the city cannot afford to give to each and every other deserving charity in the city.

    According to the precedent set by the Schock event with Bush, the holder of the fundraiser should reimburse the City of Peoria for the costs of protecting a high government leader. The Center for Prevention ought to reimburse the city out of the large proceeds from the event. They paid a vendor for the food and now they need to pay the city for the Vice President’s protection.

    I also note that recent news coverage said that the organizers of the recent Sarah Palin event were going to reimburse for police protection for that event. That event had nothing to do with the Republican Party. It was organized as a fundraiser for the Four Points Community Center in Washington, IL. Palin’s remarks were completely about public policy. She did not advocate for any specific candidates elections.

    All the B.S. about open or closed events, fundraisers, public policy component, yada yada is just hypocrisy. A fundraiser is a fundraiser. The Center for the Prevention of Abuse needs to pay up, or Schock deserves a refund.

    Pay up hypocrites.

    Comment by fairness — April 27, 2010 @ 10:19 pm | Reply

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    Comment by Gewinnspiele — May 16, 2010 @ 4:25 pm | Reply

    • As much as I can I plan on exposing the double standard and hypocrisy on both sides of the political spectrum.

      Comment by disgruntledpatriot — May 17, 2010 @ 8:42 am | Reply

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