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April 26, 2010

Billy Dennis, Peoria Pundit, misinformer

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Billy Dennis posted about the Tea Party, accusing them of being full of hot air.  Like all the liberal media he again spreads misinformation, and lies.  Either it’s intentional or he just doesn’t collect his facts before writing anything.  It seems that ol’ Billy the ‘citizen journalist’ has no idea what being a journalist means.

Let me clue his audience in, if they read this (I can’t respond because the guy who called me a dumb@$$ also thinks I am a Troll).  He asks why tea party members aren’t fighting for redistricting in Illinois.  If he was at the latest rally he would have seen a booth, that had a line, to sign a petition for…wait for it…redistricting of Illinois.  He would have also seen booths for people trying to get signatures to be on ballots in their district for upcoming state elections.

The thing that the media doesn’t seem to do, is tell the truth.  All they want to do is lie, and cast misinformation about the tea parties.  Call the tea party members violent, and hateful.  Have you seen the rallies in Arizona the last few days?  Not on the liberal media you haven’t, but the violence is staggering.  There were no cops at the tea party rally on the riverfront by the way.  Tea party members are getting assaulted by union thugs.  People spouting the most racist, stereotyping, hate speech, from the left directed at the tea parties.  No racism at the Peoria tea party by the way.  People want to say that it’s only old people, or white people, or men.  Look at the pictures, it’s just not true.  But, I digress you can read my post about the recent rally to get the full scoop on how it was from someone who was actually there.

I challenge Billy boy to actually go to a rally, get the proof of his claims.  Either report the truth, or stop calling yourself a citizen journalist.  Hell, I at least read a little bit before I post on my blog to make sure that I have the entire story.

Just in case you don’t believe me…

Here is a news article

Here is a Tea Party site supporting term limits and redistricting

There’s more but I think you all get the point.


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