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May 11, 2010

Old Glory doesn’t fly in American public schools!?

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Who would have ever thought that the American flag would be considered offensive, or a sign of trouble to come, but for some students that’s exactly what happened.  Every once in a while we have a story about some school or another doing something stupid, or going overboard when it comes to discipline.  Whether it’s a college that won’t allow the flag to be flown outside dorm-room windows, or a little girl getting a week detention for a piece of candy, but these two latest stories really have my blood boiling.

In case you haven’t heard 5 students in California were sent home for wearing patriotic apparel to school on Cinco De Mayo.  We also have the story of a teacher, also in California, that deems a little girl’s patriot art project is offensive.

So for the first, isn’t this America, and isn’t that an American public school?  Don’t these kids have the right to express, as well as the right to be judged innocent until proven guilty?  Since when is preemptive action necessary when someone wears a flag T-Shirt?  It’s not like they were sent home because they started a fight, or even an argument.  The principle just decided they must be there to cause trouble and he overreacted.  Granted, there have been apologies all around, but many students still protested that punishment was too light.  Can anyone say false anger?  Cinco De Mayo isn’t even a Mexican national holiday.  It’s celebrated in the small state of Puebla in Mexico, but more so in the United States.  It was recognized as a U.S. National holiday in 2005.  Regardless of what anyone thought the students were going to do, they didn’t do anything wrong when they were punished.  It has been taken care of by the school, but this certainly is a disturbing trend.

For the second story, since when is art, ANY art offensive?  Why are school art teachers even saying that to students.  The art itself didn’t violate any school rules I am sure, it wasn’t pornographic, or grotesque.  The superintendent of schools there in California says that the issue has been handled, but the parents are still saying their daughter hasn’t received an apology.  Does the school have an American flag flying above it?  I sure hope so.  Do they still say the Pledge of Allegiance or use U.S. currency to pay for things?  There is nothing that the student included in her art project that isn’t present already.  Remember kids, the fictional ‘separation of church and state’ doesn’t cover an individual’s speech.  Neither the student or the school were advocating a national religion, and the girl does have this pesky little right called the first amendment.

What is this country coming to where it’s all right to defame our flag, country, culture and history in schools?  What else are these teachers telling our kids?  Is there a more subtle anti-American sentiment pervading our schools?  These are very disturbing incidents for those of us who have kids in school right now.


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