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May 18, 2010

Are China and Iran now beacons of human rights?

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I feel like I am slowly waking up to a world that is completely upside down.  Anyone else feel that way recently?  The U.N. is criticizing the Arizona immigration law, while just recently adding Iran to the council on women’s rights.  Seriously U.N.?  You equate a law that forbids racial profiling, prohibits discrimination, and is essentially a copy of federal law to human rights violations?  What about the stoning of women, the subjugation of them, or the fact that beating women in Iran is ok as long as she broke a law as asinine as being in the same room with a man who isn’t her husband?  Are these things all right with you over there at the United Nations?  Where was our ambassador on this one?  Why didn’t we fight Iran’s inclusion on this council?  Why didn’t we tell the U.N. to shut their holes, and perhaps defend our own?  I don’t care what anyone thinks about the law, America needs to stick together when one of these foreign countries starts bashing our own.

Then we get to China, where our America-hating deputy secretary of state decides it’s a good idea to bring up the Arizona law and get the opinion of one of the most oppressive regimes in the world.  Why America-hating?  Well he tried to sue the federal government on behalf of Iraqi and Afghan militants is all.  Really moron?  China’s opinion is important to you?  Perhaps you have forgotten their record of murder, slavery, oppression, forced abortions, and sanctioned crime.  Oh, I’m sure Mr. Deputy told them the truth on the law…no wait, no one in opposition to the law can seem to tell the truth about it.  They comment without reading it, making supposition based on assumption, and even if they do read it still lie about it.

You know, it sucks when these other countries throw stones at us.  I don’t understand it, we are the ones that help whenever anyone is in need.  We defend their countries with our own troops, spending billions being their national defense.  We are the first to donate, and donate the most, in times of crisis.  We defend the little guy in times of war, we defend democracies over tyranny.  And yet, they still hate.  I don’t get it, but I can handle it.  What really gets under my skin is when our own politicians go to these countries and hand them the stones.  There is nothing lower in this country, in my opinion, than those that hate their own and join those other leeches in throwing stones.  This country’s internal problems are ours, and we don’t need the opinion of some backwards, totalitarian regime, to add to the fire.  Here is some advice Mr. Deputy, and all others in government, why don’t you start defending this country.  Start backing us up to the rest of the world.  Stop apologizing.  Stop trying to make friends at the expense of your own.  If you really do hate it here that much, step down and get out.  No one is forcing you to stay.  If you like countries like China, try to move there, see how much better it is.  Oh, and maybe, just once, be truthful when you open your mouth, especially when it’s so obvious.


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