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May 20, 2010

Attacks on Glenn Beck rise to congressional level

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I guess it wasn’t enough that StopBeck.com was running…no wait they are sponsored by color of change dot org which is co-founded by Van Jones…well go much deeper and it becomes a web of progressive luminaries.  That last sentence didn’t work did it?  Oh well, it wasn’t enough that a large group of progressive, left, liberal, and communist websites, politicians, and White House staffers are trying to stop Glenn Beck by driving a boycott, now Congressman Weiner has jumped on the “Hate Beck Bandwagon”.  He is calling for an investigation into Goldline, and calling Beck’s relationship with the company an ‘unholy alliance’.  (I picked that weiner link because it’s just so anti-Beck it’s funny)  They do forget to mention that Beck never says gold is a good investment, he says it’s good insurance.  He constantly says he buys gold for that ‘in case the dollar collapses’ situation.  They also mention all his testimonials, but forget to mention he was a customer of Goldline before he started advertising for them.

Of course this has sprung up more hate all across the net.  People calling for more boycotts, people who don’t watch Glenn commenting on his show, and his supposed lies.  It’s funny how the left continually shows their stripes.  People who don’t watch his show, but comment on it, are as bad as politicians who comment on a state law without having read it themselves.

I am going to try something, and it might not work, or I might lose interest for something else (school, writing, working, family, lots of things to do and little time to do it).  Work with me on this one.  Pull off their list there at stop Beck, of advertisers, and write to them.  Ask them why they did it, if they were even advertisers in the first place, and if their boycott is even legit.  I have a feeling that many of them just told this site they wouldn’t advertise, when they never did in the first place.  That’s not a boycott folks.  If I say I am not going to shop at Wal-Mart, when I never had any intention to, I am not boycotting them I am continuing expected behavior.  Anyway, if you get a response, post it here or email it to me.  The administration is backing this push to stop Beck, and whether you agree with him or not, his right to free speech, and our right to hear it are in jeopardy.

Don’t forget to check out Weiner Facts.

Edit:  Here is a site that has three responses from three ‘boycotters’ of Glenn Beck.  You will notice that they either had no intention of advertising in the first place, or don’t advertise on commentary shows at all.  StopBeck.com, that’s not a boycott.

Another update:  I sent this email to Verizon Wireless.  Why did I choose someone so far down the list?  Well, I am a customer of theirs so I am very interested in their answer.  If I get a response I will post it here:

I am writing an article for my political blog and was hoping I could get an answer to a couple of questions.  I am also a customer of yours and your answers would be appreciated in that respect as well.

I have seen that you are on the list of boycotters of the Glenn Beck Show.  My questions are:

Did Verizon ever advertise, or intend to advertise on Glenn Beck?

Is there a reason that Verizon is boycotting the show?

If you are indeed boycotting, what entity contacted you to sway your company’s decision on this?

Has anyone at your company actually done research, by watching the show, or contacting Mr. Beck, in order to make an informed decision about whether to boycott?

Thank you for your time
Trever Bierschbach

Wow, another update:  Geico isn’t really boycotting either.  Way to go StopBeck.com, got another one wrong as usual.

Yep, another update:  This page has some interesting statements from advertisers that, according to StopBeck.com, are ‘boycotting’.  Again, not spending money, where you never intended to spend money, isn’t a boycott!

Notice Allstate’s statement:

“While we do purchase advertising on Fox News Channel, we did not intentionally purchase commercials in or around the show, ‘The Glen [sic] Beck Program,’ nor do we sponsor the program,” said Jennifer L. Egeland, director of integrated marketing communications for Allstate Insurance Company, in an email to ColorOfChange.org. “You should not expect to see Allstate advertising during this program in the future.”

They ‘did not intentionally purchase’, which is completely different from ‘we intentionally did not purchase’.  It means they chose other time slots when they set up their advertising with Fox.  Something that StopBeck forgets to mention is 5 p.m. eastern is a crappy time slot.  Most advertisers are going to avoid it anyway.  Not choosing that time slot is not the same as boycotting it.  It seems that Allstate is just being clear that they did not choose to advertise at that time, not that they chose not to advertise with Glenn Beck.

Same thing with Anheuser-Busch, they did not purchase those time slots.  They did not say they avoided them, or were advertising there and stopped.  This ‘boycott’ by Busch has taken no money from the time slot.

The Idaho Potato Commission does not advertise on ANY controversial shows.  Whether you are a Beck supporter or not, everyone will agree that his show is controversial.  Again, not a boycott.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Go here, if you don’t see it refresh a couple of times.  Gold Line ad on the HuffPo, on an article about the investigation of Glenn and Goldline.

Well it didn’t take long for HuffPo to make the change and remove the ads, good thing for us I got a screen capture of both gold ads.




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