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May 21, 2010

James Gandolfini is a man of honor

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Well, you could get this story from a site like this one, which has it all wrong.  Or, you can get it from the horse’s mouth.  Well…I expected to see a link to the conversation, or show clip on Beck’s site but it seems for now that Glenn really thinks the issue done and over.  Well, I listened to the show so real quick recap…

Glenn took his kids and wife to the opening of the Cirque du Soleil show recently in New York.  He found that he was sitting in front of James Gandolfini, and during the intermission when Glenn was taking his 5-year-old to the bathroom he introduced himself to the actor, saying they had a mutual friend.  Gandolfini responded with ‘whats Satan doing at the clown show’.  Beck didn’t respond, for many reasons including the presence of his son, and the fact that Glenn has morals.  He brushed it off as just another character attack.  Later Mr. Gandolfini approached Glenn and apologized.  Glenn said it was all right, he had heard worse.  He accepted the apology with grace, and in telling the story called James a man of honor for having the integrity to return and apologize.

It is an example of honor and respect, which we need more of.  It takes more courage to face someone and admit a mistake, instead of the knee-jerk reactions that most have.  Gandolfini succumbed to the knee-jerk at first, but realized that it was wrong.  I say we need more men of honor, men and women who know that we can all disagree, but at the end of the day we must treat each other as human beings.  James is a man of honor, he is human, he made a mistake and he turned it around, that is true honor.

I’m telling you readers, both of these men are examples.  Glenn for not responding as many would and as I am sure he wanted to, and James for admitting his mistake and treating someone he dislikes with human decency.  We, on the side of truth, must follow these examples.  We stand above them, we are better than those that spit and spew bile.  We know who we are, and we have nothing to fear from them.  They will lose, and drown in their own filth, except for those that also rise above it like Mr. Gandolfini.

I applaud both of them for rising above the hate, treating each other with decency, and being men of honor.


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