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May 25, 2010

Are we bailing out unions next?

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Well, looks like The U.S. Senate thinks we should be on the hook for $165 B to bail out union pensions now as well.  Basically it amounts to another propping up of an entity that failed to play by the rules, and made bad decisions with their money.  Senate Bill 3157, aka Create Jobs and Save Benefits Act of 2010, was introduced  March 23, but this is the first I have heard of it.

Some might say this is because of the recession, bad investments and money lost in the market, but according to experts pensions have been in trouble since long before the recession.  So union leadership made mistakes with their members’ money, and now they want us to pay the price.

Even more maddening the house has a similar bill, which seems to be stalled in committee known as H.R. 3936.  I don’t have any information on what this bill is proposed to cost, and that isn’t what has me upset about this one.  Contrary to their stance on fiscal responsibility, and anti-bailout promises, ten Republicans co sponsor the House bill.  One of them is my own representative, Aaron Schock (R-IL).  You can be assured I will be contacting Mr. Schock and asking him if he needs help getting his head out of his backside.


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