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May 31, 2010

The government is not our parents!

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Let me first start by saying thank you, thank you to all of those who have fought and died so those who can’t, or won’t, don’t have to.  Thank you for volunteering, for putting your life on the line to insure that everyone has a chance at freedom.  Thank you to those families who have made the ultimate sacrifice, you have lost husbands, wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, we honor you for your sacrifice.  This Memorial Day we thank all of you.  To my readers, if you see someone in uniform take the time to thank them.  If you hear someone talking about a family member serving, take time to thank them.  Morale is important, and while the love of family is the greatest morale booster, appreciation is right up there too.  Let them know they are appreciated.

Now, on to the show.  I was reading this article yesterday and I think I have finally had enough of the government trying to protect us from things we should be smart enough to figure out.  Government’s job is supposed to be simple.  Protect our rights as per the Constitution, defend the country, and insure that foreign countries mind their own business.  That is really government’s job, but for a long time now they have also taken it upon themselves to protect us from entities that they define as scammers.  If they were really protecting you from being scammed that would be fine, but in so many cases they are trying to protect us from things that are right there in the open.

Someone likened it to football versus rugby.  Rugby is arguable a much more brutal and dangerous sport, but even with their lack of helmets their injury rate is much lower than that of NFL football players.  The more protection that you give football players, the more reckless they become.  Would they really lead with their head if they didn’t have that state of the art helmet?  The rate of brain damage, concussion, and neck injuries is still staggering despite the helmets.  Bottom line, we are a people willing to take calculable risks, but if you continue to give us safety nets we will raise the stakes even higher.

That brings me back to the article in the Peoria Journal Star titled “Banks still gaming your payments.” (Sure enough the first site that google gave me was the White House’s mouthpiece)  Essentially they want to point out to everyone that if your credit card carries different interest rates for different transactions, they apply the payments to the balance with the lower interest rate first.  Make sense so far?  The new regulation says that if you pay more than the minimum then the excess must be applied to a higher interest balance.  Still with me so far?  The writer at the AP thinks the government is being too lenient.  The writer, to her credit, also points out that the credit card companies are open about this practice in the agreements for the credit card in the first place, but that people are angry when they find out.

Now…when did it become the government’s job to protect us from being stupid?  Do you think that like the football player, we would be more careful if we knew we had to take responsibility for our mistakes?  Who here thinks that credit cards are a good thing?  They are toxic people, they are a necessary evil for some, and when abused they are pure destruction.  Trust me, I know.  I never once expect my credit card company (I have one, with a very low credit line) to do anything to benefit me.  I came to them for credit.  I signed an agreement that I admittedly didn’t read, but you know if they did something that I was surprised about I would go back and look.  If I saw that my agreement had covered whatever it was they did, I wouldn’t be pissed at them, they told me up front.

So what if they apply the minimum payment to the lowest interest rate, who is surprised by that?  They are in business to make money, you have to be a moron to not realize that.  Besides, who is the U.S. government to tell a business how to handle money?  Our government is the king of all money mismanagement.  Our government has borrowed and spent us into a hole so deep we are almost better off digging all the way to the other side.

I am just tired of all this government parenting.  Just like the businesses they should have let fail, they need to let people fail.  Even a parent understands the need to let their child make mistakes.  We learn from them, become better people, wiser people.  Maybe that’s the point in the first place.  If they keep us dependent, dumb, ignorant, and weak maybe we won’t fight back when it’s necessary.


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