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June 4, 2010

BP boycott does not hurt BP!

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Boycotts are becoming a very popular tool nowadays, and when used sensibly they can be a good way to sway the market.  Some boycotts, however, seem to be criminally ignorant.  The government backed boycott of Glenn Beck for instance.  He sure has a lot of fans to piss off Apple, are you really sure you want to side with Van Jones on this one?  How about Los Angeles boycotting Arizona?  Do they realize where they get most of their electricity?  My favorite so far was the call to boycott Arizona Tea…which is made in New York.  Yup, no affiliation to Arizona outside the name.

Now, we have a huge facebook group boycotting BP.  Sounds reasonable on the surface, but you have to ask yourself, can one really boycott BP?  Sure, you can refuse to buy gas from them, but BP stations are franchises.  Not buying gas from them only hurts local business owners.  BP sells their product to thousands of companies for thousands of uses.  Do you stop buying plastics?  Which plastics companies use BP oil?  Then there are questions about BP employees.  If the boycott does work, and BP goes out of business (which is the only goal of the boycott that I can see) what about the lost jobs?  What about the lost revenue for Louisiana, that is going to need that money more than ever now?  Hell, run this sentence through your head.  You boycott BP, which costs BP money that they need to clean up the oil, which means the cleanup is slower, which just makes you madder.

If you really want less oil spills, and safer rigs, a boycott is not the answer.  First of all demand the administration stop giving passes to these rigs.  The last administration and this one gave passes on safety measures to this very rig.  The exemption, as it’s called, was given to this same rig ten days before the accident.  Another rig was given an exemption two weeks after it.  If you want less spills push to lift the bans on close-to-shore drilling, where it’s safer.  They are drilling that deep because they have to.  Environmental lobbies are responsible for the fact that they have to go a mile deep to get oil.  Look at the leak in Alaska.  It was on land, sprung a leak, was contained by the safety measures, and will be cleaned up with no adverse effects to the environment.  We have enough oil under land in Alaska and in the shale to last us a very long time, but because of the greenies, companies have to drill where it’s dangerous for them, and for the environment.

Oh, one final though on the protesters/boycotters.  Stop throwing oil on BP stations.  Again, they are franchises, not owned by BP (do your homework idiots).  Not only that but don’t you understand how stupid that looks?  Spilling oil to protest an oil spill?  Really people, get some sense and do this right.  You don’t have to boycott BP, they are going to lose so much money in this it’s going to be ridiculous, and the government is going to have their ‘boot on their necks’ (sieg heil)  the whole time.  If that doesn’t make you warm and fuzzy inside then I don’t know how you can be helped.


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