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June 18, 2010

Something else behind the oil drilling moratorium?

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So, I saw rumors about three stories, that because they came out at different times they were almost ignored by everyone.  I have to assume they were missed, or it’s possible that bloggers really are smarter than researchers at major news networks.  See, other than a brief mention of them on Glenn Beck last night, bloggers are the only ones putting these three stories together and asking the question any sane person would ask.  Are they connected.  See, individually the stories are kinda lame.  Not good, but not overwhelmingly bad either.  Together they beg the question, “What’s the real motive behind the oil drilling moratorium?”  Keep in mind, a fourth little snippet, the panel that Obama got advice from did NOT recommend and six month moratorium.  They said maybe a month, if at all, just so they can be inspected.

Ok, story number one comes from Reuters.  (Wow, ok in looking into this further I found another connection so bare [or is it bear] with me)  GE Oil and Gas Latin America, which provides services to Brazil and other countries is quoted in the article (you do know the CEO of GE is a good friend and adviser to the president right?).  See those rigs are too expensive to just sit around.  Oil companies share the drilling rigs because there are a limited number.  Brazil’s state-owned oil company has a 220B dollar plan to drill off their coast, get this, in deeper water than the Deep Water Horizon was drilling in.

Another worry, according to experts, is that the moratorium will in effect be longer than six months.  If those rigs do get sent elsewhere they may not be able to come back in six months.  Those tens of thousand of jobs could be lost for up to a year or more.

Our second story comes from Bloomberg.  It seems that the puppet master George Soros has a pretty large stake in the Brazilian oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras).  Soros is invested in this Brazilian oil company to the tune of 811M dollars.  It seems that Petrobras has found a well bigger than any in the Americas, but deeper than the Deep Water Horizon.

Our third story come from the Wall Street Journal. Seems the Obama administration has promised 2B dollars in a loan to Brazilian oil company Petrobas so they can explore the really deep well.  The promise included hints that there may be more money on the way.  One wonders, if the left is so concerned about the environment, and getting off of foreign oil, why would they lend money to an unregulated oil company outside the U.S.A.?  One also wonders why, when we are deep in crippling debt, we are loaning money to a foreign oil company?

So like I said, these three stories, when viewed separately, are not good, but not really bad.  Put them next to each other and it starts to look a little, let’s say, criminal.  Where is the major media networks on this?  The ‘Press’ is supposed to be the people’s watchdog, always skeptical, always questioning with boldness.  Oh, but I forgot they are distracted by the chill up their leg.  Someone needs to ask the President if he will block that money to Petrobras, or get it back if it has already gone out.  Someone needs to ask Soros if he will drop his shares, you know since oil companies are so evil.  Who will do that if our own Press won’t get their head out of Obama’s backside long enough to see what’s going on out here?  Who is greasing whose palm?  Who else is involved?  These questions need to be asked by someone.

Correction edit:  Did some research and further reading and found a little more info about the $2B being loaned to Petrobras.  It wasn’t exactly the Obama administration per se that loaned the money (I just wanted to use per se).  It was the EX-IM bank, which gets a lot of its funding from banks.  They guaranteed the loan, and while it is a government agency the money is not supposed to come from tax payers.  While that is good, one still wonders why we would be guaranteeing (sp? that looks weird) loans at this time for drilling in ultra-deep when we are telling our own workers they can’t work on deep drills.  If the President has the authority to impose a moratorium on drilling then he should have the authority to hold that loan until we let our own workers get back to their jobs.  The email circulating about the executive order, not accurate and not really sure where that originated.


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  1. senators said Thursday they will try to kill a proposed inventory of potential oil and gas resources off the state’s coastline. Drill Presses

    Comment by Drill Presses — June 18, 2010 @ 8:24 am | Reply

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