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July 1, 2010

My faith in people shaken

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by Trever Bierschbach

Sorry, I am slacking.  Long couple of weeks, trying to get school paperwork sorted out, new car, etc.  So anyway, something happened the other day that has been keeping me up at night.  Have to start with a little background.  I was going to write this days ago but wasn’t sure how to lay it out so that it was coherent.

Ok, my wife works at a hobby and craft retailer.  A store totally devoted to things you don’t need.  I don’t think there is a single thing in this store that anyone needs in order to live.

My neighbor is sick, we believe dying of cancer.  He and his girlfriend are old, and we are pretty sure on some kind of government assistance.  Things are rough for them, so this year we were going to do a Christmas jar for them.  If you haven’t heard of that it’s a concept that was introduced in a book by the same name.  Basically, all year you throw your spare change into a jar.  When the holidays roll around you take that jar and leave it anonymously on the doorstep of someone who needs it.  It’s a way of helping your neighbor without the uncomfortable experience of giving them money face to face.  I liked the idea, so that is what we were going to do.

Well, a couple of days ago my neighbor was caught changing price tags in the store that my wife works at.  He was trying to get a set of $50 headphones for $5.  Now, I wouldn’t excuse it, but I could understand if it were food, or medicine.  Now I am torn.  What do I do?  Do I really give charity money to my neighbor, when I could give it to someone else that needs it and is honest?  I am still sorting this one in my head but if any of you have any ideas I am all ears.


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