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July 2, 2010

Congressman Pete Stark vs. U.S. Patriot

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We have another example here of a politician forgetting who he works for.  This man is asked legitimate questions by calm citizens, who employ him, and he responds with ridicule.  There’s really not much I can say that he doesn’t already say himself.  People, if he is your rep, vote him out, you deserve better.

I am seeing a disturbing trend here with this.  Politicians being snide when asked a question they don’t like, or admitting that they don’t care about us or the constitution.  They have forgotten that they get their power, their jobs, and their paychecks from us.  They act as if they are better, somehow a different race of human that looks down on the rest of us from on high.  I think this despicable piece of human trash owes his constituents and apology, or he needs to step down and let a patriot take over.  I know, he has done it before, but that doesn’t excuse anything

Time to take a close look at your representatives.  Do they actually represent you?  Do they treat you like serfs or like employers?  Do they talk down to you, or talk with you?  Don’t look at whether they agree with you or not, in fact, talk to the ones that don’t agree with you.  If they can still be respectful, give them credit for that at least.


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